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Decorate Your Walls with Affordable Wainscoting Kits 

A wainscot kit is an elegant wall installment that brings a classic touch and style in the modern home. It is an original addition to your living space that will bring you warmth and style. From your family room to a nursery space or even a bathroom, this wall upgrade can beautify it for sure! There are multiple choices for you such as panels, slats, railings, and stiles for sale as individual portions. You can create the perfect effect by painting or glazing the pieces for a perfect varnish. 

Wainscoting is for modifying the existing look of your room. That’s why even commercial carpenters are truly mesmerized with wainscoting kits. These packages consist of coordinating sizes and shapes to do a particular room. Usually, it shelters the bottom third of the wall and has a jagged number of panels attached along any given side of the room. 

What are the Main Types of Wainscot Kit Wall Panels? 

There are five major kinds of wainscoting kits, namely Raised Panel, Bead-board, Flat Panel, Board and Batten, and Overlay.

The Raised Panel Wainscoting Kit

This type of wall kit is distinguished by the panels being in the architecture of the styles and rails. The raised panel wainscoting kit type gives the perception of a raised sheet or rail around the room.

The Bead Board Wainscoting Kit

The bead board wainscoting kit is positioned right next to each other and made from thin individual board materials. Each mini board is linked with its neighbor upon using a tongue-and-groove feature system. 

The Flat Panel Wainscoting Kit

The panels install behind the styles and rails. The appearance of this kit uses boards with no beveled edges or molding. This means it can give them a deeper look than the styles and railings.

The Board & Batten Wainscoting Kit

The essentially flat panel wainscoting kit with vertical boards is used to shield layers and seams. The surplus boarding is known as battens.

 The Overlay Wainscoting Kit

The result of the combination of flat panel and raised panel wainscoting. 

  • Other wainscoting kit types: 
  • Faux wainscoting panel kit 
  • Plastic wainscoting panel kit 
  • Vinyl wainscoting panel kit
  • Oak wainscoting panel kit 
  • Wood wainscoting panel kit

Wainscoting Height Rules

Make your home feel like something out of a Jane Austen novel with wainscoting kits. Kits are the best option for those who are looking to install the wainscoting themselves because it's super easy!

Stick to the rule of thirds when it comes to wainscoting. It should cover 1/3, 2/3, or the whole wall. Never half. Never a quarter. And when in doubt, go smaller with the wall molding and not larger. 



What is the purpose of having wainscoting on your walls?

  • Originally, the process of wainscoting is for strengthening the lower part of the home walls. However, things changed and this type of home upgrade includes decorative functions as well.