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Complete Vent Free Gas Fireplace Packages | Ventless Gas Fireplace

Vent-Free Firebox With Palmetto Oak Gas Log 24" Palmetto Oak Vent Free Gas Log Set EWVF36 Firebox Only EWVF36 Firebox Dimension EWVF36 Framing Dimension EWVF36 Clearances
36 Inch Vent Free Firebox With 24 Inch Palmetto Oak Gas L...
Starting at: $998.00
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Plazmafire Vent Free Gas Fireplace 24 Inch
Starting at: $1,249.00
Free shipping|Made To Order
Grandville Vent Free Gas Fireplace 36 Inch
Starting at: $1,739.00
Free shipping|Made To Order
Grandville Vent Free Gas Fireplace 42 Inch
Starting at: $2,083.00
Free shipping|Made To Order
Torch Vent Free Gas Fireplace
Starting at: $3,013.00
Free shipping|Made To Order
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Allow us to help you select the perfect ventless gas fireplace for your home! Homeowners are rapidly converting to gas fueled heating appliances because they are cleaner and more efficient than the traditional wood burning fireplace. Our collection of ventless gas fireplace inserts and complete vent free gas fireplace packages are quality made from some of the best manufacturers in the industry, guaranteed to deliver performance, warmth, and satisfaction!

Let's discuss some of the pros and cons of ventless gas fireplaces. One of the biggest advantages of owning a low-cost vent free unit is that you do not need a chimney or flue to install one of these fireplaces. That means no remodeling your home to accommodate a source for ventilation. This also means that heat generated from the fireplace is contained to your living space for the ultimate in comfort. Both inserts and free standing models are very easy to install and have a higher efficiency rating of up to 99%! For even more convenience, certain vent free gas fireplaces are even equipped with electronic ignitions and remote controls.

Because ventless gas fireplaces do not need a chimney and use air in the room for combustion, there will be exhaust fumes emitted as well as some moisture from burning gases. Ventless fireplaces are considered safe, and while many include an oxygen depletion sensor that turns the gas off before carbon monoxide can reach dangerous levels, they are not recommended for people with allergies or asthma. In addition, some states do not allow ventless gas fireplaces. Fireplace Doors Online advises all of our customers to check their local building and fire safety codes when considering a vent free unit. We also insist that you have a local certified gas professional install and help maintain these types of fireplaces.

Whether you are looking for a modest insert or a complete fireplace package, we have a beautiful selection of ventless gas fireplaces for you to peruse and choose! Consider adding one of these ultra modern, super efficient heating sources to your home!