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Using a Gas Fire Pit [Tips & Warnings]

 May 31, 2019    Outdoor Living Blog, Custom Outdoor Fire Features

A gas fire pit is the perfect way to get that natural fire feel in the backyard, without actively burning wood in a hazardous location. That being said, gas fire pits aren’t the safest outdoor appliances either. It is important for us to learn how to properly and safely use anything we mean to buy for our homes.

If you mean to buy a gas fire pit for your backyard, do take the time to read below. We’ll explain how a gas fire pit works and teach you what to do and what not to do with it.

If you would like to know all there is to know about gas fire pits and how to use them correctly, take a look at what we’ve got for you below!

48 Inch Sedona Concrete Gas Fire Pit - Wide Ledge

How does a Gas Fire Pit Work?

A gas fire pit works much like your average fire pit. However, instead of using wood, it uses gas to power the flames. You’ll have a gas fire pit burner installed underneath the fire pit as well as an ignition kit to get it started.

Other than that, it works like an ordinary fire pit. However, you will still need to be wary of factors like placement and safety:

Tips for Gas Fire Pit Placement

The first thing you need to look out for are flammable surfaces. Keep your gas fire pit away from walls, overhanging vines, and anything else that might burst into flames at the mere sight of fire!

You should also keep the gas fire pit away from combustible material. Obviously, you will be powering the fire pit using gas, but that should be safely tucked away where the fire won’t accidentally burn back on itself.

Assuming the majority of positions you have to leave your gas fire pit are quite flammable, you should consider purchasing a non-combustible platform to keep it on. Concrete tends to the smartest choice, assuming you can make it work aesthetically.

Round Hinged Fire Pit Screen Stainless SteelYou should also make sure to keep your gas fire pit covered whenever you aren’t using it. For starters, rain, bugs, and many other unfortunate things could damage your gas fire pit. On top of that, you wouldn’t want your children being able to access it, assuming you have any.

Things Not to Do with Your Gas Fire Pit

First and perhaps most obvious, never leave an active gas fire pit unattended. If you are the responsible individual for the pit, don’t leave its side unless you’ve already asked someone else to help you look after it. (Preferably, someone who knows what to do in case of emergency)

As we just mentioned, don’t leave your children near the gas fire pit. It isn’t safe and they won’t realize the potential danger they are in. If you do have the gas fire pit active while children are outside, it is your responsibility to keep them safe. Make sure they remain at least two or three meters away from the fire pit. You never know when a child’s curiosity will get the better of them.

Just because you have made fire using gas does not mean the gas fire pit will cook food well or safely. Before you try cooking anything in your gas fire cooker, ask whomever you purchased it from if it is designed for that. If you don’t check, not only is there a risk that your food will turn out horribly, but you also run the risk of damaging your fire pit. Be safe! Ask before you act!

Pismo Copper Gas Fire Pit

Why Your Backyard Needs a Gas Fire Pit

For starters, they look awesome. Nothing will complete your backyard like a safe, but powerful-looking gas fire pit. Using one, you and your family can enjoy the feel of an outdoor fire without running the risks that come with a typical wood fire pit.

It is also perfect for bonding time. Whether you wish to spend some time outside with your family or have a barbeque or something with your mates, (using a barbeque, not the fire pit!) owning a gas fire pit will make that happen. Who would say no to chilling outside with one of these bad boys?

Before you go ahead and get one, make sure that you can legally own one in your state or country first. You wouldn’t want to accidentally break the law now, would you?

Once you’ve determined that it is legal and your family is okay with the idea, go ahead and make your outdoor area shine like a fire, literally! Take a look at our offers here! 

Last updated on September 10th 2019.


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