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Useful BBQ Accessories to Improve Your Outdoor Experience

 Aug 29, 2019    Outdoor Living, Grills for Pros

Who doesn’t love an outdoor barbeque? Outdoor barbeques are a fantastic way to get the whole family outside for some fun and great food. 

So, what’s better than having an outdoor barbeque? Why, having a bunch of awesome barbeque accessories to improve the experience, of course!

Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the more popular barbeque accessories for your benefit. Once you’ve checked them out, you’ll be able to determine which ones would be useful for you.

 TEC Extra Large Ultimate Grilling Spatula

Extra Large Grilling Spatula 

A common problem people have is meat rolling off standard-sized spatulas. Luckily, the extra-large grilling spatula exists! This spatula is designed to pick up large pieces of meat with ease and the hole at the end of the handle is for convenient hanging when not in use.

 Fire Magic Rotisserie Basket

Rotisserie Basket

Having a rotisserie basket is perfect for making the grilling aspect of barbecuing twice as easy. You can place foods such as ribs, burgers, and other such things on it. 

The purpose of the rotisserie basket is to allow you to quickly place these meats on the grill and just as easily take them off. When you’ve finished grilling, simply pick up the basket, using protective gloves to prevent burns, and place it on a safe surface to cool off. 

The improved speed allows your food to taste better and limits the chances of spills and burns. (Those burns go for both the food and your hands, by the way!)


 Infrared Grill Tray for Patio, Sterling & Searmaster Grills

Infrared Grill Tray

Do you find yourself wanting to grill fruits and vegetables as well as meat? The infrared grill tray will help you do just that! 

The grill tray has wider bars with small gaps so that you won’t lose your vegetables between the grate openings while grilling. It makes it possible to grill smaller food items as well as making it easier to transfer the food from off of the grill.

Fire Magic Turkey Holder

Turkey Holder

This accessory doesn’t require much of an explanation, does it? The turkey holder is designed to gently hold a turkey over your barbeque on a rotisserie spit. A very useful accessory to own if you’re a fan of roasting turkeys! This versatile accessory could also be used for roasts and hams for beef, pork, or lamb.


TEC Fryer Basket

Fryer Basket

That’s right! You can even fry on your outdoor grill! 

The fryer basket looks almost exactly the same as a typical deep fryer. However, instead of placing it inside a machine, you will simply put it on a semi-deep cooking tray. We wouldn’t recommend frying in a deep pan as the oil spatter would be dangerous to yourself and could also risk starting a grease fire in the grill, but a shallow layer of oil works just fine.


TEC G-Sport Breakfast Griddle

Breakfast Griddle

The breakfast griddle covers a large portion of your barbeque. Seeing as it is used early in the morning for making breakfast, you probably wouldn’t need the space anyway. 

Anything from pancakes and bacon to meat patties are perfect on the breakfast griddle.


TEC Infrared Pizza Oven Rack for Patio, Sterling, and G-Sport

Infrared Pizza Oven Rack

Did you know you can even cook pizza on your barbeque? The infrared pizza oven rack stands up from the grill slightly. It will have holes all the way over the surface to allow heat to circulate under the pizza dough. Delicious!

Fire Magic Charcoal-Smoker Basket For 18 Inch Deep Aurora Grills

Charcoal Smoker Basket

A personal favorite of mine is the charcoal smoker basket. You don’t even need a charcoal barbeque to do it! 

The charcoal smoker basket sits over the top of your gas burner with charcoal and woodchips in the lower compartment. Once the burners are on, the charcoal will slowly burn the woodchips, causing them to smoke.  The smoke will then reach the food in the upper compartment, effectively flavorizing it! (Yes, that's a real word! Go look it up on Wiktionary.)


TEC Rack Jack with Double Warming Rack for 44" Grills

Rack Jack & Warming Rack

Should you be cooking different meats and other foods that take separate lengths of time to cook through, the Rack Jack & Warming Rack is perfect for that situation. Not only does it give you plenty of space to work with, but it also provides you with a large area to store cooked foods for warmth.


TEC Gator Rack

Gator Rack

The Gator Rack is a beastly accessory. It is designed to cover the entire barbeque cooking area. It works as a smoker/roaster combination. If you have dinner plans with some large racks of meat, the gator rack is your baby!

Which One Do You Need the Most?

All of these outdoor barbeque accessories are useful. However, everyone has a different way of using their barbeque. 

Based on your own methods, which of these accessories would you say you need? If you have yet to find what you really need here, take a look at our full list of barbeque accessories!


If you liked any of the products listed, please give us a call to place an order!

Last updated on February 4th 2020.


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