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Updating Your Zero Clearance Fireplace

 Oct 7, 2016    Fireplace Doors, Manufactured Doors, Heating Your Home, Classic Wood Burning Fireplaces, Easy Gas Fireplaces, Do It Yourself, The Great Indoors

Cold weather is coming and do you know what that means? The events you hold at home will transition from your outdoor living space to the indoors, so you’ll want the inside of your home to be every bit as inviting as the outdoors! While you might have a great fire pit or outdoor fireplace outside, it can sometimes be easy to neglect the inside of your home. This can be especially true for your fireplace! Our fireplace doors are a great way to update your zero clearance fireplace so that it looks new without actually being new!

Silhouette ZC Fireplace Door in Venetian BronzeFor the example shown to the left, we selected the Silhouette zero clearance fireplace door against a surround that might look similar to one in your home. We chose the Venetian Bronze artisan finish for the fireplace door since it compliments the multi-colored, earth tone tiles so well. Does this surround look like yours? If it does you might get an idea from our example!

The bi-fold doors on this particular door are shown with clear glass. We also offer tinted options - such as grey, bronze, and smoky black - that can be really helpful in hiding the soot and ash in your fireplace when it isn’t in use. Click here to view the budget friendly Silhouette Fireplace Door for prefab fireplaces!

Remember to include fireplace accessories! Routine care and maintenance of the area in and around your heat source is essential. Tending the fire and sweeping ash out of the firebox is all just part of the fireplace ownership experience. It doesn't have to be a hard task, and it certainly doesn’t have to be plain and boring either!

5 Piece Madrid Fireplace tool setOur 5 Piece Madrid Fireplace Tools and Stand is a gorgeous accessory that will look terrific next to your new pre-fab fireplace door, thanks to the hint of elegance it provides. This lifetime warranted fireplace tool set won’t give out to the normal wear and tear of usage over the years. You can rest assured that when you entertain this coming holiday season, that you’re doing it with a beautiful tool set and an even better new fireplace door!

The cooler months are always busy for us here. It’s important that you submit your order now so that by the time December comes along, your living space will be ready to entertain with one of our custom fireplace doors and fireplace decor! And as always - we offer FREE shipping in the continental United States!

Call us today or send us an email to see how we can outfit your home in style!


Last updated on February 11th 2020.


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