Universal Log Lighter Bundle For Natural Gas

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Log lighter with gas ball valve kit

Will work with Propane or Natural Gas


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Bundle up this log lighter with gas accessories to get you started lighting fires in your wood burning fireplace in no time!

Products in package

17 Inch Dante NG log lighter - universal for propane or natural gas
Universal Log Lighter 17 Inch With Cast Iron Mixing Chamber For Natural Gas


Dante angled Shut Off Valve Kit For Log Lighters
Dante Angled Quarter-Turn Ball Valve


Chrome escutcheons for shut off valves
Dante Chrome Escutcheon


Chrome gas valve key
3 Inch Universal Gas Valve Key Chrome


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Bundle up a log lighter kit!Daniel Boone probably had lighting a fire mastered, but not all of us are skilled in the fine art of starting a fire without burning ourselves. If you’ve had enough of burnt fingers, burning paper and adding change to the swear jar, consider a universal log lighter kit! This bundle by Dante Products has most of the items you’ll need to get started on putting an end to the days of fussing over your fireplace. 

A gas log lighter makes getting a fire started in your wood burning fireplace very easy. Get it installed, turn on the gas, toss a match in and watch your fire roar to life! Turn your gas back off and congratulate yourself on your ability to light a fire like a boss. Instead of mastering the fine art of lighting wood on fire you can become an expert at hiding your log lighter from your guests—as long as the fire is going when they come over, they never have to know!

This bundle includes the log lighter, a gas valve key, the gas valve and an escutcheon (floor cover) to get you started! Don’t forget that a professional needs to install your gas component and that you should only use the fuel appropriate for the bundle you select. Shop with us today and let us help you enjoy your fireplace more!

What you get:

  • 17" Dante Universal Log Lighter - Originally $24.95
    • Runs at 31,000 BTUs
    • Has a universal connection - making it easy to install as a straight or ninety degree angle.
    • Has a cast iron mixing chamber that allows the air to mix with the gas, creating a more efficient burn.
    • Make sure to choose either propane or natural gas, depending on what type of gas line you have to your fireplace.
    • Allows you to quickly light your wood on fire.  Not to be used as the fire in your fireplace, but as a quick way to catch your logs on fire, then turn it off.
    • This must be installed by a certified gas installer.
  • 1/2" Angled Gas Ball Valve
    • With just a 1/4" turn - the valve goes from ON to OFF.
    • 1/2" NPT Inlet/Outlet
    • Can handle up to 98,000 BTUs
    • Made from forged brass. 
    • CSA 9.1 Certified
  • Escutcheon - Floor Plate - Cover in Chrome
    • Cover is 2 1/8" wide.
    • Shaft length is 2 1/16"
    • Shaft width is 1"
  • Key in Chrome
    • 3" universal key to be used with the matching escutcheon.

What it fits:

These items should comfortably fit a 24" to a 36" wide fire box.  All gas fittings fit a 1/2" pipe diameter.

Get the installation manual here.

The Log Lighter is not a decorative gas appliance and should not be subjected to #UL127 or ANSI Z.21.60 Classification.
It is intended to be used in conjunction with a CSA certified manually operated valve to simply ignite fireplace logs.


Ships within 2-3 business days plus additional transit time.

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