Two 24 Wide x 19.5 Inch Tall Mesh Curtains With Rings

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2419 Steel wire mesh curtains for fireplace

We proudly make our mesh curtains here in the United States.


Mesh curtains create a see through barrier, between the fire and your home - allowing air to circulate, but preventing sparks and flying embers from damaging your floors or family. For Fireplace Openings UP TO 38" Wide.

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Protecting your home is important to you. Don’t forget to protect it from your fireplace! Mesh fireplace curtains can wear out over time and let sparks and embers escape into your home. This even happens with high quality mesh curtains like ours because unlike your fireplace door, steel mesh panels take the brunt of your fire in order to protect you and your home from accidents.

These mesh panels are designed to replace ones that came with your fireplace door. But, you can use them if you’ve just now decided that you’d like to have some, that’s fine too! Coated in a solution designed to resist corrosion, these fire screens come in a black finish so that it doesn’t take away from the beauty of the fire. You stay safe! Plus, our American made hearth gloves will keep your hands safe from the heat as you use your fire mesh curtains. Why not grab a pair while you’re shopping?

Having a fireplace is great, but it’s important to keep up on maintenance and, when necessary, replacing parts. This is one of those fire products that you should keep an eye on and be sure that it’s still functioning right. The last thing you want is a spark to escape from the fire and injure you, your child or the family pet. It makes a delightful way to spend the evening into a source of pain, and no one wants that!


  • Set of 2 - 24" Wide Mesh Panels (Together they can go up to 38" wide with some overlap).
  • Height: 19.5" (Includes 1/2" Hog Rings)
  • Durable Steel Construction
  • Black Finish
  • Zinc phosphate coated mesh that offers resistance to corrosion
  • 1/4" Weave Mesh
  • 1/2" Hog Rings (Rings to hang mesh on curtain rod)
  • Black Curtain Pulls.
  • 19 Gauge woven wire mesh
  • Made in the USA
Overall height is 1/2" higher than panel. For example a 19" panel with rings hangs 19 1/2" from the mesh rod.

Shipping: 5-10 days

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Last updated on December 20th 2017.