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Top 5 Things To Clean In Your Home This Spring!

It's Spring Cleaning Time!

 Mar 21, 2017    Safety & Maintenance, Keeping It Clean

Top 5 things to clean in your home this spring!It's that time of year again! The flowers are starting to poke their heads up through slushy mud, and the kids and pets are excitedly bringing that mud into your house. The temperature is just nice enough to open the windows for a bit some days and you're starting to feel the itch to clean.  Yes - it's spring cleaning time!  And Fireplace Doors Online has the Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist for you!  This checklist is for the person that maybe doesn't have the time to do a major cleaning session where you tear the house apart and put it all back together. (We all dream of doing that, but some of us just don't have the time).  This list is for someone that has 1 day to clean - a fast spring cleaning list.  And if you only have 1 day to clean, you'll want to make sure you get the most important things cleaned - so we'll go over the 5 most important things that should be cleaned in that one day!  

Read through our top 5 most important things to clean, and then click on our checklist at the bottom to enlarge it and print it out!


Clean your vents and ducts for spring cleaning.1. Clean out ducts and filters from your heat source. 

Over the winter your ducts and filters get full of dust and dirt from your furnace blowing through them.  This ends up blowing through your house, sometimes causing breathing issues for you and your family.  An easy way to fix this is to remove any filters and replace them.  If you can't replace them, then clean them by vacuuming them out or rinsing them out (some filters require different ways of cleaning). Take a rag that is wet down with cleaner and clean all duct and vents in the home.  Pets walk over them and sometimes even lay over them.  You'll be surprised how much pet hair they can accumulate in them.  You can easily unscrew the vents and vacuum down in the duct to get that pet hair out.  Then just wipe down the metal vent and screw it back on.

Take down your curtains and wash them for your spring cleaning.2. Take down the curtains and wash them. 

Curtains are like sponges that hang in your home. They soak up the smells of everything.  Your pets, your cooking, your great uncle Ernie. Taking all of your curtains down and washing them will help to freshen the smell in your home.  It will also remove some of the dust and pet hair. While the curtains are in the washer and dryer, now would be a great time to quickly wipe down your window sills and windows. And pop those windows open and get a nice breeze in the house while you're working.
Some people have curtains that have to go to the dry cleaner. This would be a great time to take them there. Others have curtains that can be washed on gentle, but not dried in a dryer. If you have a clothes line, this is a wonderful time of year to hang your curtains up outside to dry with the fresh breeze of spring!

Clean all door knobs, remotes, and light switches for spring cleaning.3. Wipe down all door knobs, switches, and remotes.

This is a really quick one, but can make a world of difference.  Our hands are full of germs, and those germs get transferred to all of the things we touch.  The door knobs, light switches, cabinet pulls, and remotes are the things we touch in the house the most.  With a rag in one hand, and cleaner in the other, quickly walk through the house and spritz the items and wipe them off.  Alternatively, you can just have the rag wet with cleaner and just go through and wipe it down with the rag and not use a spray cleaner at all.  The point is make sure to use a cleaning agent and to wipe each and every knob, switch, pull, and remote in the house. Hopefully you'll remove all the germs that have been lingering in your home throughout the winter.

Clean your drains during your spring cleaning.4. Clean your drains. Kitchen and bathroom.

You'll be surprised by what is in your drains.  Most likely, not pleasantly surprised.  When cleaning out your shower drain, you may wonder if a wooly mammoth comes in at night and showers in your bathroom.  Trust me, one doesn't.  Us humans just lose a lot of hair on a normal basis.  And that hair goes down the drain and gets stuck. It starts to stink and it backs up the water.  That's just the shower drain.  If you have children you may find legos and doll shoes down the sink drain. And the kitchen sink can have some really nasty things in that.  For the shower, it's best to unscrew and pull the drain up and clean it out. For the sinks, get under the sink and take apart the p trap.  Clean it all out and put it back together.  This isn't a difficult thing to do.  

Click me to see me enlarged and then print me out!5. Shampoo your carpets.

Ugh.  Yes, I said it.  I know it isn't a favorite thing for many to do, but it is necessary.  No matter how much we vacuum, our carpets are magnets for dust, dander, dirt, and many other nasty things.  I'd vacuum all of your carpets, your furniture, and any pet furniture you have that can't go into the wash.  Then pull out the shampooer and shampoo the carpets, shampoo any spots on your furniture, and shampoo up the cat tree and other pet furniture.  The cat probably won't be too happy with it, but your sinuses will!  

So that is our whole list.  What do you think?  Would you be able to complete this list in one day?  Can you think of any other SUPER important things that should be on the list?  

Remember, if you are short on time and you don't have a whole day, these things can be broken up, as well.  Pick one of the things on the check list each time you had a free day.  Just print out this cute little checklist and put it on your fridge.  Check off the items as you do them, so you'll know exactly what you've done, and what is left to do!

Good luck!  Happy Spring!

Last updated on October 2nd 2019.


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