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Little-Known Tricks to Owning Tiki Torches (Proven Tips)

 May 3, 2019    Outdoor Living, All about Lighting

Tiki torches are an amazing addition to any household. The outdoors are made ten times more aesthetically pleasing with their presence.

If you haven’t had an outdoor barbeque surrounded by Tiki torches and good friends, then you haven’t experienced the best evening of your life yet! There’s no better ambiance than what you get from Tiki torches that are well placed throughout your yard.

In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the most important tips for caring for your Tiki torches after you have some. By the time you’ve looked through it, you’ll be able to keep your Tiki torches in perfect condition and enjoy them for your entire life!

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Riverside Torch Vent Free Outdoor Gas Fireplace

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#1 – Where is the Best Place to Plant Your Tiki Torches?

Generally, a Tiki torch is able to light an area of eight feet quite nicely. Their light will reach much further than eight feet, of course. However, if you want a really nice level of light, then keeping your torches around eight feet apart is the best way to do it.

As for the exact location to place these Tiki torches, it would depend on what you have around your house. You should never place your Tiki torches near anything flammable, such as wood or plants. So, not only should you space your Tiki torches eight feet apart, but you should also keep them at least eight feet away from any flammable objects.

Also, when you set up your Tiki torches, make sure to put them around six to eight inches into the ground. If you feel like the torch is still not very stable, you can add a support stake next to it.

#2 – How Should You Prepare Your Tiki Torches Gas Tank?

Our Tiki torches use either natural gas or liquid propane. Using these options makes utilizing a Tiki torch that much easier. Obviously, the first thing you should do before setting up your Tiki torch is to read the instructions. You should have an instruction manual that came with your Tiki torch(es).

Let’s take liquid propane as an example. Using a propane tank removes the need for a wick. You simply connect it to the Tiki torch, as instructed in your instruction manual. Once you’ve opened the valve on the tank, the fuel lights up and creates a constant, stable flame.

You can adjust the power of the flame on the tank. You won’t need to worry about strong winds blowing the flame out as it is powered by liquid propane, rather than an oil wick. Not only do you save money by not needing new wicks, but you can also adjust the flame to your own preference.

Malumai Automated Tiki Torch

#3 – What is the Safest Way to Utilize Your Gas-Powered Tiki Torches?

First off, never use alternative fuel for your Tiki torch. Whatever kind of power it uses, whether liquid propane, natural gas, or something else, you should only use the initial fuel source. Changing the fuel could result in an accidental explosion or damage your Tiki torch.

You must also be aware of the condition of your gas tank. If you can hear any noise or smell the gas coming from it, turn it off immediately and get it checked out. The last thing you want is an unstable gas supply!

You’ll also need to find a nearby location to hide the tank. Obviously, your Tiki torch won’t look very natural with a big tank sitting next to it. You should still aim to keep the tank away from flammable objects in the event that it leaks. (Though you should be absolutely sure that it isn’t leaking for safety reasons!)

#4 – How can You Safely Store Your Tiki Torches and Tanks? 

If you need to store your Tiki torch for some reason, you should make sure it remains upright. You can also leave the fuel-tank nearby.  

Wherever you store them, make sure children can’t access them, just in case. You can store them inside or outside. However, you also need to make sure the fuel doesn’t get too cold as it may lose potency, or the tank may be compromised.

As long as you make sure the Tiki torch isn’t exposed to the elements, it should be fine by the time you set it up again.

Sullivan Stainless Steel Tiki Torch

These are the main tips that you’ll need when looking after Tiki torches. Trust me when I say that the responsibilities that come with Tiki torches are well worth the effect that those very torches will have on your outdoor living space.

Treat yourself today with an amazing Tiki torch. Take a look at the Tiki torches we have to offer here!

Last updated on February 4th 2020.


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