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The Great Outdoors

You live for the grill. And the fire pit. And, your hammock is a lot of fun too. The point is that you love your outdoor living space and want it to be perfect. We don’t blame you at all, we feel the same way! Your outdoor living space should be perfect to you, whether it’s a paradise with fire and water fixtures, or a full working kitchen where you can make culinary masterpieces, we’ve got you! And, we’re constantly coming up with more ideas too. 

‘The Great Outdoors’ is all about creating a space that you can truly relax in, not look around and make a to-do list in your head. You need to be able to unwind at the end of the day, not get stressed out because something isn’t perfect. We’re excited that we can help you do that by coming up with ideas that maybe you hadn’t thought about yet!

Fireplaces are for more than aesthetics! It's good to know how to use your fireplace for heating or food just in case you can't use the kitchen.

This is a great introduction to fireplace inserts for deciding if it's the right purchase for you!

Tiki torches can make your garden more festive during summertime. Their flickering flames are not just exciting but comforting as well. Before installing and twisting them into your ground, consider the tiki torch tips we have here for a more appealing outdoor space.

Wondering how to paint fireplace mesh or how to refinish an old fireplace screen? In our latest how-to video by the experts here at Fireplace Doors Online, see just how simple it is to paint a fireplace mesh curtain DIY-style! 

We've got detailed instructions with graphics showing you how to install a gas log lighter into your wood-burning fire pit!  You'll never have to mess with stacking kindling into a tee-pee, twisting paper, and considering lighter fluid again once you have installed a liquid propane or natural gas log lighter into your fire pit. With just a twist of a wrist and a tossed in the match, flames will engulf your logs and get them burning!

Learn how easy it is to take your prefab fireplace from drab to fab.  Cover those unsightly louvers in a safe and coded way with a fireplace refacing at Fireplace Doors Online.

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