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The Best Fireplace Hardware Accessories & Maintenance

 May 9, 2019    Safety & Maintenance, General

Are you looking for the best fireplace hardware and related accessories? At Fireplace Doors Online we have a large collection of some of the best brands in our collection.

When it comes to the selection of fireplace hardware, one ought to be super cautious. In our fireplace hardware collection, we have among other products ceramic catalytic combustors, chimney brushes, gaskets, replacement glasses, soot removers, owner's manuals, fireplace door mounting hardware, fiberglass insulation, cleaning products, Mortar & Adhesives, and Stove & Paints.

We have also included details about maintenance and care for the various accessories. Here are particular details about the various product you may want to check out.

Cleaning productsHearthGlass Creme and Microfiber Sham Wood Stove Glass Cleaner Kit

At Fireplace Doors Online, we are privileged to stock an array of some of the best cleaning products. Out cleaning products can be used to polish up stoves, wood stove glass, remove soot, and even creosote. Some of the varieties in our cleaning product collection include Williams Stove Polish Paste, HearthGlass Crème wood stove clever, Flitz Metal, plastic, and Fiberglass polish, HearthGlass Crème, and Microfiber ShamWood Stove Glass CL.

No matter the fireplace surface in question, our collection of fireplace cleaning products will help you keep everything looking brandy all year round. Shine metallic edges, scrub brick surfaces, and glass surfaces on your fireplace with ease.

Be sure to check our latest collection of cleaning products.

Mortar and adhesives

You want to keep an eye on the mortar on your fireplace to avert cracking and crumbling. This will help you know when and where to do some maintenance.

Whether you want to do some small patch jobs or even replace entire brick and mortar sections, our collection of mortar and adhesives will suit your needs perfectly. And they come in different sizes. At Fireplace Doors Online you will find high-temperature silicone adhesives and mortar mix suitably meant for all fireplace maintenance and repair needs.

If you want to fix flaws between fireplace brick or simply fill joints therein, you want to do that with the very best mortar and adhesives. At 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, our mortars are built to withstand intense heat, just what you want for a good fix.

Our terrific refractory cement comes in handy when you want to pour some castable fire brick. Our collection of adhesives are NSF approved for use on glass surfaces and gaskets. What’s more, our mortar and adhesives are odorless, fast-curing, and easily adaptable on different substrate surfaces.

Check out our latest collection of mortar and adhesives.

Fireplace Stove & Paint

Satin Black Gas Appliance Fire Box Spray PaintDo you want to give your fireplace a paint retouch to make it brandy again? Then it is time to spruce up that old-looking wood stove or better still, the entire fireplace. There's no better way to do that than with the latest collection of high-temperature stove paints.

You want to cover scratches, rust patches, and knicks, we strongly recommend our high-temperature fast-drying, low-odor Stove Bright paints available in spray and brush on applications. This fireplace pain is specially formulated with the best ingredients to help restore and recondition your fireplace stove pipes, doors, BBQ grills, etc.

Our collection of silicone paints are scratch-resistant and retain their original color at temperature extremes of up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

At Fireplace Doors Online, the paints are available in two distinct options:

  1. 12 oz. aerosol spray which is available in the 3 high heat paint colors: metallic black, satin, and flat.
  2. 1 pint can which is available in 3 high heat brush on paint colors: charcoal, satin black, and metallic black.

Ceramic catalytic combustors

We have a range of replacement ceramic catalytic combustors in our collection. These combustors work perfectly with fireplace inserts and all types of wood stoves. What makes our ceramic catalytic combustors unique is their honeycomb design that conserves energy by entrapping and then repurposing exhaust combustion gases. Replacing your wood stove ceramic catalytic combustor improves the performance of your heating equipment. In addition, it also minimizes air pollution and creosote production.

Click here to shop catalytic combustersThese catalytic combustors are best suited for fireplaces, fireplace inserts, as well as natural wood stoves. Our collection of ceramic catalytic combustors constitutes different types. They include:

  1. The rectangular ceramic catalytic combustor
  2. The round ceramic catalytic combustor
  3. Canned combustor
  4. Un-canned combustor

Unlike un-canned ceramic catalytic combustors, canned combustors feature a definitive metal band wrapped around the ceramic honeycomb. This works as a catalyst by entrapping combusted gases and causing them to burn at slightly reduced temperature values.


At Fireplace Doors Online we have a wide variety of the best fiberglass graphite gaskets. These are available for replacement. Repeated closing and opening of the wood stove is bound to impact the door seals. You need a door gasket to help you replace the same. If you are looking to promote quality burn at the fireplace, then a quality wood stove gasket outfitting is an invaluable addition. And they come in different styles, diameter, and lengths. These include:

  1. Flat
  2. Griddle
  3. Tadpole
  4. Or even fiberglass rope
  5. Woodstove gasket kits

Check out our collection of fireplace door gaskets.

   Click here to shop wood stove rope gaskets   Chimney Cleaning Kit With 6 Inch Round Steel Brush   

Chimney brushes

We stock a wide range of chimney brushes suitable for non-insulated stove pipes as well as masonry flues. Our chimney brushes have characteristic spiral patterns that make cleaning very easy and fast. What’s more, we also stock chimney brush rods and sweep brush kits for easy maintenance of flues measuring more than 6 inches by 20 ft. Some of the brands and varieties you will find in our collection of Chimney brushes include:

  1. Round steel chimney sweep brushes
  2. Square steel chimney sweep brushes
  3. Rectangular steel chimney sweep brushes

Note that our collection of rectangular steel chimney brushes are suitable for cleaning soot and creosote buildup at 90-degree junctions and corners.

Tempered Safety Replacement GlassReplacement glass

Finding an ideal high-temperature glass for your fireplace door or window can be very challenging. At Fireplace Doors Online, you get a chance to find high-performance heat-tempered glass as well as ceramic replacement glass for your heating application. In case you didn't know, tempered glass is up to 7 times stronger than ordinary glass. It comes in different thicknesses and 3 color varieties:

  1. Bronze Tint
  2. Gray Tint
  3. Clear

With a thermal shock rating of 400 degrees Fahrenheit, high-temperature replacement glasses are best suited for use on your masonry, zero-clearance doors, as well as factory-built. If you have coal and gasket wood stove applications, we have something for you too. Pyroceram ceramic glass with 1300 degrees Fahrenheit thermal shock rating and a characteristic amber tint suits your heating appliance.

Fiberglass insulation

The space between your fireplace door frame and the surrounding brick or ceramic surface ought to be filled in order to conserve heat. At Fireplace Doors Online, we have a collection of fiberglass insulations, some measuring between 1.5”- 2.0” wide and 10 ft. – 11 ft. long rolls. We also have fireplace insert insulation that is self-adhesive and very easy to use. Our insert insulation form smoke tight gaskets between your door frame and fireplace surface.

Soot & creosote removers

Soot Remover for Wood Stoves and Fireplace InsertsSoot and creosote build-up is all too common within the fireplace chimney. If not removed, they can easily spark an inferno and related fire hazards. Fireplace soot remover provides an excellent way of reducing chimney soot and creosote to harmless ash. Removing your flue regularly is basically what our soot removers do. The formulation is non-toxic & eco-friendly hence can be used more than once a week without compromising the integrity of the chimney’s catalytic converter.

We also have a Dry Creosote Remover professional Strength. This is best suited for use with wood or coal-burning stoves and inserts. Just like soot remover, the creosote remover is formulated with a Cre-Away modifier powder which facilitated easy removal of creosote. In addition, Cre-Away has a combustion inhibition property that hinders the chances of chimney flares. We also have a Chimfex Chimney fire suppressant. This is essentially an extinguishing stick capable of putting chimney fires out in at most 22 seconds.

Fireplace Door mounting hardware

Combination Mounting Hardware KitDepending on your fireplace door size and type, a door mounting kit ensures your door is mounted appropriately. At Fireplace Doors Online, our collection of fireplace door mounting hardware includes a wide variety of the latest kits.

For instance, the adjustable lintel clamp extension brackets are best used with wider lintel irons. Our glass retainer clips keep your fireplace door within the door stiles.

For those with masonry fireplace, arched or rectangular mortar frames will help you hold the shape of the firebox during fireplace construction.

Our collection of Fireplace door mounting hardware also includes stock sizes and custom made models that are specially designed to match your fireplace door measurements.

Last updated on September 21st 2020.


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