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Worried about your Fireplace or Stove Gasket?

 Aug 25, 2016    Safety & Maintenance, Winter Readiness

If you have a gasketed fireplace door or a stove, you’ll want to make sure the gasket is in good shape! A gasket that’s no longer up to the task can leak cold air into your home; it can also make your wood burning stove less efficient. When this happens, the fire doesn’t burn for as long and you risk your stove overheating. Fortunately, it’s really easy to tell if it’s time to change your gasket!

Get a piece of paper (such as a $1 bill) and close it in the door. If it pulls out easily, it’s time to replace your gasket! If you can’t pull it out without running the risk of tearing it, your gasket is fine. Check out our video how to (and enjoy the music) here!

We have a variety of maintenance fire products you can use to extend the life of your gasketed stove or fireplace gasket! Browse these products and see if you can use any of our products here!

Last updated on June 16th 2020.


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