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Supreme Air Sealed Fireplace Door with Ceramic Glass

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Be sure to take all measurements to the nearest 1/16” using a steel tape measure. Note any irregularities around the opening of the fireplace, such as projecting or recessed brick, and advise us before you place an order. For complex custom applications, a photograph of the fireplace will prove very helpful.


OVERLAP FIT (needs hearth to sit on)

When the fireplace door is larger than the opening of the fireplace. Measure the width of the opening at the top and again at the bottom. We need the exact minimum width. Next, measure the height of the opening from the hearth (where the door will sit) to either the bottom of the lintel bar or the bottom of the finishing material (brick, marble, etc). We need the exact minimum height.


Please select the size range below that your opening fits into. If your fireplace opening does NOT fit inside these ranges the fireplace door will not fit, and a custom size door may be needed.

I understand that, by checking this box, I am signing this document and agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions listed on the website.
If no images are submitted with your order, it will be placed on hold until we receive a photo of your fireplace. Please send your image to [email protected].

Our Supreme Air Sealed Ceramic Glass Fireplace Door is the perfect option if you’re tired of heat loss due to your chimney. This custom fireplace door seals and eliminates virtually all heat loss. It has a heavy steel frame that comes in a satin black finish. Ceramic glass is rated to 1400 degrees and is recommended for all closed door use. Ceramic glass also improves the heat transfer from the fire into the room as the radiant heat energy easily passes through this material. This air sealed replacement fireplace door does offer a slotted damper for appropriate air flow control. Choose from 3 difference handles styles to accent this overlap fit enclosure and remember to upgrade to mesh protection for the times when you open the doors to warm up your living space!

Supreme Air Sealed Ceramic Glass Masonry Features Product Features:

  • 5 year warranty on workmanship and material only;10 year warranty on ceramic glass against breakage due to heat
  • Air sealed door available only as an overlap fit
  • Classy satin black frame finish
  • Heavy steel frame is 1/4 inch thick and comes with a slotted damper
  • Cabinet doors fully encase the 3/16 inch thick ceramic glass
  • Choose from black or brass spring handles, or wood block handles
  • Mesh protection is not included, but upgrades are available
  • Door comes fully assembled with included mounting hardware
  • Door styles are tested to UL 907 and listed with Intertek testing when ordered with ceramic glass and wood handles!


Color SwatchesThere are many different finishes that vary between manufacturers. You can order frame color samples here or if you just want a closer look you can watch one of our YouTube videos. Visit our color swatch page to see all of the different color variations up close.

Supreme Air Sealed Ceramic Glass Masonry Door Specifications Product Specifications:

  • Door Fit: Overlap
  • Door Type: Cabinet Doors
  • Material: 1/4" Heavy Steel Frame
  • Recessed Depth: 2"
  • Overlap: Depends On Fireplace Opening Size = Deduct your fireplace opening sizes from the overall frame size listed and then divide that number by 2. That gives you the approximate overlap this door will have.
  • Main Frame Finish: Satin Black
  • Glass: 3/16" Ceramic Glass
  • Mesh Protection: Siding Mesh Included
  • Damper: Slotted Damper
  • Air Sealed Option: Yes
  • Assembly: Fully Assembled
  • Handle: Black Spring Handle | Brass Spring Handle | Wood Block
  • Mounting: Hardware Included
  • Door styles are tested to UL 907 and listed with Intertek testing when ordered with ceramic glass and wood handles!
  • 10 year warranty on ceramic glass against breakage due to heat

Door Specs And Sizing Chart

1. The tools required for installation: a power drill, a 1/4" metal drill bit, a 3/16" masonry drill bit, a 5/16" socket with ratchet, a caulking gun, hi-temp silicone and safety glasses. Always wear safety glasses during installation to prevent unwanted objects in your eyes. Use properly grounded electrical cords to prevent electrical shock.

2. The door installation kit includes: an insulation strip, self tapping masonry lag screws and 2-wooden handles.

3. Remove all parts and protective packing from the door carton.

4. WARNING! This door frame must be installed PLUMB!! DO NOT FORCE THE DOOR TO FIT IRREGULAR OPENINGS!! This will cause misalignment of the glass sections and a poor seal will result. Plumb the masonry front with cement or fill the void with insulation. All doors are factory fit on a plumb surface to verify alignment and fit of the doors.

5. Measure the sides of the opening to determine where cement joints exist. Drill the builders flange using the 1/4" metal drill bit at the appropriate joint heights and in ½ inch from the back side of the builders flange. Usually, the lowest holes are up approximately 8" from the hearth line. Drill the top holes approximately 2" down from the lintel iron. See the illustration on the back of this page. Place the door frame into the opening and mark the cement seams where the holes have been made in the builders flange. Remove the frame and drill holes into these marked areas with the 3/16" masonry bit. These holes must extend in as deep as the lag screws.

6. Reposition the frame into the opening and start the masonry lags in the holes. Set the door frame in the opening and center left to right. Insert the fiberglass seal between masonry and the builders flange. Tighten the screws into the masonry cement using the 5/16" socket and ratchet. Verify that the door frame is plumb. Place the doors on the hinges and re-plumb if doors are out of alignment. Tighten all mounting screws evenly.

7. Use Hi-temp silicone to seal the inner perimeter of the builders flange to the fireplace facing for maximum sealing, avoiding contact with the outside finished front of doors and frame.

8. If a bottom mounted block wood handle is used, place several drops of crazy glue in the handle hole to permanently attach the wood handle to the door latch. The flat non-milled side of handle goes toward the door. Glue contacting the door or frame finish may discolor this finish.

Wilkening Door Installation  

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Last updated on November 27th 2023.



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