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Superior VRE3042 Outdoor Gas Fireplace

VRE3042 Vent Free Outdoor Gas Fireplace | Superior Fireplaces

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Short description:
  • • Firebox Width: 42 Inches 
  • • Framing Width: 51 Inches 
  • • Framing Height: 46-1/2 Inches 
  • • Framing Depth: 23 Inches 
  • • Fuel Type: Natural Gas | Liquid Propane 
  • • Ignition System: Millivolt 
  • • BTUs: 32,000-47,000 Max
  • • Door: Optional
  • • Firebox Panel Design: White Stacked Brick | White Herringbone 
  • • Log Grate: Included 
  • • Mesh Fire Screen: Included 
  • • Remote Control: Optional 

Check out our Superior VRE3042 Outdoor Gas Fireplace. This outdoor gas fireplace features a radiant smooth stainless steel facing, bi-fold glass door in platinum finish, millivolt ignition system that is remote control ready, and a 42 inch firebox that allows you the perfect view of the flames dancing around the ceramic log set, and glowing embers inside of the firebox. This Superior fireplace includes, split wood ceramic log set with charred bark and blowing embers, heavy duty stainless steel log grate, burner with concealed gas control valve, and stainless steel mesh fire screens that retract into hidden pockets so there is never anything blocking your view. Choose from either natural gas or liquid propane to meet your homes fuel requirements, and choose from our two different refractory firebox panel designs to match your fireplace to your current outdoor home decor. To ensure that you enjoy your fireplace for years to come, also included is a 20 year limited warranty!

Please note: In order for this Superior Fireplace to operate, a gas log set will need to be combined in the purchase. We highly recommend Superior gas logs, as they are designed to coordinate with this fireplace and deliver optimal performance. The burner style determines BTU output and comes with your choice of ignition controls. See the gas log brochure below for more information.

Product Manual PDFs Product Manuals:


• In Most Cases, Vent Free Appliances Are NOT Approved For Bedrooms Or Bathrooms. 

• Select States And/Or Counties Within States May Not Allow Installation Of Vent Free Products. 
• This includes but is not limited to: California, Minnesota, Wisconsin. 
• Other states may have local restrictions such as Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Alaska, Wyoming, New Mexico, North Dakota and South Dakota. Please check local codes before purchasing a Vent Free Appliance. 

• Ventfree Products Are Not Suitable For People With Allergies Or Breathing Problems

Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping unless otherwise specified.

Manufacturer's Warranty:

20 year limited warranty 

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Last updated on September 3rd 2019.
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