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Super 3000 Premium Refractory Cement

Super 3000 Premium Refractory Cement Mix

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Short description:
  • • Material: Refractory Cement Mix | Sodium Silicate Binding Agent
  • • Color: Grey
  • • Size: 55 Pounds
  • • Minimum Cure Temp: 250° F
  • • Minimum Cure Time: 1 hour
  • • Withstands Maximum Temperature: 3000° F
  • • Resists Freezing: Yes (To 0° F)
  • • Shrink Resistant: Yes
  • • Coverage Area: 4 to 6 Square Feet Per Gallon
  • • Maximum Thickness Application: 1/4 Inch

This high quality, super duty mortar is best for masonry to masonry bonding applications. The Super 3000 Cement is a premixed air/heat setting mortar which will withstand temperatures up to 3,000 degrees F and will resist freezing down to 0 degrees F! Super 3000 Cement is grey and it contains a sodium silicate binder that will eliminate the need to dampen the bricks during application. This will make it shrink resistant, while still giving it extreme strength & workability! This mortar is available with or without grit. Either one should be stored in an are where the temperature is above freezing, but not above 90 degrees F. If the product is to freeze during the shipping process, it should be thawed and mixed well before usage. Coverage of this mortar is 4 to 6 SQ. Feet per gallon (8.35 LBS) - when applied to a thickness of 1/8-1/4" thick. Maximum application of this cement is 1/4".

Per the manufacturer's directions, this cement must be heated to a minimum of 250° F for a minimum of 1 hour to cure properly.

The Super 3000 Cement for Troweling is without grit
The Super 3000 With Grit for Parging contains sand to give it a gritty consistency

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I have a wood chip boiler and need to repair the refractory, am I better off using the super #3000 with grit or without grit? Yellow cover or white cover?

Asked by Bruce Vanden Akker | 07-24-2016, 08:30 AM | 1 answer(s)
Last updated on October 8th 2019.
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