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Stove Tool Sets

Tool sets for stoves are made with shorter handles to make it less cumbersome to clean the much smaller space of wood stoves. They also have a smaller footprint to take up less space around the stove. While the styles and colors are not as many as the fireplace tools sets, they are built to do a good job of cleaning your wood stove.

Fireplace toolsets are much longer so that you can reach the back of the firebox without difficulty, but for wood stoves that added length makes it more cumbersome to clean your stove. These wood stove toolsets are designed smaller, thus making maintenance a lot easier. 

Plus, they take up less room. A wood stove doesn’t have a hearth and typically takes up less room than a fireplace, so often customers prefer a toolset that isn’t so large that it is as tall as the woodstove. Woodstove toolsets tend to be less decorative and more utilitarian, but there’s still a variety for you to choose from!