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Stainless Steel Fireplace Tools

Your outdoor fireplace has the same needs as the one in your home. But, your outdoor fireplace needs equipment made to handle the elements. Not just any fireplace tool set will do! Stainless steel toolsets are invaluable when it comes to cleaning the fireplace and keeping your outdoor living space tidy.

Vanguard Glass Stand and Fireplace Tool Set
Stainless steel tools are designed to withstand the elements better than other materials. And, they have a great, sleek look too!

Every Tool Explained!

Some tools are self-explanatory, but some may have more uses than you know! Read up on how you can use your fireplace tools to get a better flame and keep a nice, clean firebox!

The Stand

Why are we including it in the tool list? Well, …you don’t leave your golf clubs laying all over the garage because they’d get damaged, or damage something else. That’s why a golf bag is invaluable and the same reason a stand comes with the wood-burning fireplace accessories you use to maintain the fireplace.

You need to be able to keep them organized and in one place both for efficiency and to make sure there are no mishaps.


Also called a fire iron, a poker is used to manipulate coal or wood in a firebox so that it can burn more efficiently. Not all pokers look the same; some are simply a point while others are a hook. For example, did you know that locomotive operator may use a variety of fire irons to keep a steam engine going?


This one is straightforward. The shovel is essential for cleaning out the firebox and removing soot, ash, and smaller pieces of wood. Without it, all of that would go onto your patio and be a time-consuming hassle to clean up again.


Lastly, there’s the broom. Like the shovel, this one is pretty self-explanatory as far as how you use it. It’s unsightly to let ash build up in your firebox, not to mention it doesn’t smell great. The outdoor brooms we sell feature plastic bristles so that they withstand the weather better than others.

Quick Tip:

The smell of ash can cling to your broom long after you’ve finished cleaning your outdoor fireplace. If you’re not into the smell of soot and ash, follow these tips to clean it:

First, knock off as much debris as you can.

Vaccum the bristles to get off all remaining loose particles from the fireplace.

Use water and mild detergent to soak your broom. You can swish the broom around in the water and then rinse it off with a hose.

While the broom dries, why not wipe down your stainless steel tools so they really shine?

Tool Sets With Style

Our stainless steel tool sets come in a variety of styles, but most frequently they are ultra-modern and perfect for an urban home or business. Because they are stainless steel they can hold up to general wear and tear better than many other materials. Stainless steel lasts a lot longer than other metals, even standard steel before it begins to show its age.

If the modern style isn’t really your style, our steel fireplace tools are beautiful and can be treated to be rust-resistant.

Want more than just outdoor fireplace toolsets? Of course, you do! Check out our guide below and see what else we can do to make your outdoors better!


What if I don’t want a modern style? Do you have anything else?

  • Our inventory changes regularly so, if you don’t see something you like now, it may be there soon. But, you can also purchase a regular steel fireplace toolset and use rust-resistant treatments purchased from your local hardware store to help protect it from the elements.

I just ordered, now how long do I have to wait?

  • Great question! It really depends on where you are getting it. If you’re getting it from us, it’ll take us one week to get it shipped to you. We provide a shipping tracking number and we pay for it too!
  • Custom Metal Company (who makes many of our stainless steel toolsets) takes up to 4 weeks to make before they ship it out—and don’t worry, we cover the shipping with them too.
  • And, Design Specialties take 2 or 3 weeks to make your beautiful fireplace tools. We’ll cover shipping there too, just because we like our customers.