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Stainless Steel Pool Fire Bowls

Never worry about rust and corrosion again with one of our stainless steel pool fire bowls. Our fire only features make great fire pit replacement bowls. Choose which fuel system you desire (natural gas or liquid propane) with these gas fire pit bowls, and we'll include the corresponding match lit ignition system. Lava rock is included!

For the ultimate accent for your backyard oasis, we offer stainless steel pool fire bowls that combine the opposing elements of fire and water. 

Don't have the size you're looking for? Check out our custom stainless steel fire and water bowls! Choose round or square, then customize the dimensions, media, and ignition system to your preferences. We'll contact you within 2 to 3 business days with a quote!

Give us a call at 1-877-373-6677 for a custom discount! 

(Exclusively for quote only bowls)

How do you ship a stainless steel pool fire bowl?

  • Some of our stainless steel bowls are quite heavy and must be shipping by a freight trucking company. They are packaged using a wood pallet with protective sides so that no damage occurs during transport. After the pool fire bowl arrives at your home or business, the truck operator will unload the pallet using a "lift gate" so that you may inspect it for any damage. If all is well, then you may begin installation as soon as you wish!

Do I have to be a contractor to install a pool fire bowl?

  • This answer depends on your locality. Since pool fire bowls often require a gas supply line, we recommend that only licensed contractors install and test the ignition and burner system. Once the gas system is completed by a licensed contractor, it is dependent on the discretion of your local fire codes as to whether or not you are allowed to complete any other water, electrical, or structural work on the fire bowl project. We have a lot of customers who have successfully installed the bowls themselves in a few hours, and others whose municipality required either a permit or that all the work be completed by a contractor.

Where can I install a pool fire bowl?

  • Our customers have installed their pool fire bowls just about anywhere outside their home, including uncovered gathering spots on the patio or atop pillars surrounding the pool. Business owners also love displaying fire bowls at their venues, whether in alfresco restaurant seating areas, ski resorts, golf courses, campuses of large corporations, or amusement park entrances!

Why don't you offer free shipping on your Quote Only items?

  • Quote Only items are special order products that often times are large and heavy enough that special trucking and crating is necessary. Therefore, additional charges would apply. It wouldn't be fair to deem these items "free shipping" and then turn around and surprise you with extra shipping and handling fees. However, we have the ability to negotiate these destination surcharges with the manufacturer based on your product selections and location!

How do pool fire bowls with both fire and water components work?

  • There are two basic types of fire and water features:

Fire and Water

(separate fuel and water lines)

Some of our water bowls have fire pans or fire pots built in. These features are usually known as "fire and water" or "fire-water" pots, but they don't actually mix the fire with the water. Concrete bowls can usually be equipped with a spillway unit allowing them to be used as planters or fire bowls with water.

Fire on Water

(with submersible gas manifold)

Some of our scupper bowls can be equipped with submersible gas manifolds for a "fire-on-water" effect. The fire-on-water gas manifold is a stainless steel device with aerating tips that you install in the bowl before adding water. After installation, you will fill the bowl with water and then turn on the gas. This will cause the gas or propane to float to the top of the water in the form of bubbles. When you ignite the bubbles it causes the fire to burn just above the water for a spectacular effect.

Can every bowl be equipped with "fire-on-water?"

  • Unfortunately, no. The submersible manifolds require a certain amount of clearance and the tapered nature of our bowl bottoms don't always allow this. The manifolds also need to be covered with at least 1" of water. This means that only the larger, deeper bowls can be equipped with this effect.

Can I equip a match-lit fire/water bowl with an electronic ignition system?

  • Electronic ignition systems (like the AWEIS, Mini-AWEIS, SUBEIS, and AFOW) add bulk to the burners, so some bowls aren't deep enough to add them. Most match-lit copper and stainless steel bowls with built-in fire pans simply don't have the room for the electronics or for the pipe.