Stainless Steel Fireplace Mesh Curtain

Update the look of your fireplace with these stainless steel mesh curtains! Made from heavy duty 19-gauge mesh wire woven in a 1/4-inch pattern, this fireplace spark screen will offer the ultimate protection from hot embers. Use these curtains in your indoor or outdoor fireplace. The stainless steel material will not corrode when exposed to Mother Nature's elements! You'll get two 24-inch wide fireplace mesh curtains (choose the height you need up to 36-1/2 inches), hog rings for suspension from the curtain rod, and stainless steel curtain pulls. 

No hardware? No problem! Click here to check out our selection of curtain rods! Please give us a call for more information on these beautiful indoor/outdoor stainless steel mesh curtains!

PLEASE NOTE: Stainless steel will discolor if it comes in contact with flames or is exposed to extreme heat. We advise using a log grate for your wood burning fire and/or making sure that your mesh curtains are placed far enough away from the flames to avoid this incident.