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Masonry fireplace doors for different applications

Barn Door Fireplace Doors
No you can get a sliding door on your masonry fireplace as long you have enough space on the left or right side. Some are even offered with a remote control. Push the button and your door opens automatically, it's like magic.

Masonry Fireplace Doors With Ceramic Glass
If you are burning with the door closed on your fireplace, fireplace doors online strongly recommends to order doors with ceramic glass. Reason, ceramic glass can withstand the heat. All regular doors have tempered glass that only withstand temperatures up to 400°. Plus flames can't touch the glass and you need to use a grate to keep flames a minimum of 6" away from the glass

Air Sealed Masonry Fireplace Doors
You get that odor in your house from your wood burning fireplace? Consider an upgrade to the air sealed doors, that will take care of that. Since gasket doors are no longer required due to recent changes to the ICC code, fireplace doors online still offers this option

4-Sided Overlap Masonry Door
Does your fireplace has no hearth and is a minium of 2 or more inches about the floor? Then these enclosures could be a solution. Doors will overlap and frame your opening on all 4 sides.

Arch Masonry Doors
Offered in several different styles from traditional to modern to rustic. We even offer a ceramic glass upgrade for the firebug uin you.

Outdoor Masonry Fireplace Doors
These enclosures are mostly made out of Aluminum or Stainless Steel with a clear protective coating on them. Aluminum doors intended for outdoor use will have most components other than the outer frame and door frames made from stainless steel. Not all components are stainless however and some staining due to corrosion will occur. This is particularly true in environments close to the ocean or swimming pools. Fireplace doors used outdoors with stainless components will function as intended if kept clean and the moving components oiled occasionally. Regular cleaning and oiling the moving parts will keep these doors operating as intended.

Corner Masonry Doors
Are left with a corner fireplace and can't find a door to keep the smoke away and make it work properly? With our selection of corner enclosures with can help you make your fireplace more efficient and less smoking.

Mesh Masonry Fireplace Doors
These doors are intended for fireplaces that have a vent-free gas log installed. Placing doors or the Refresh products onto vent free fireplaces may cause the doors or screens to get extremely hot. Doors are built with screen in place of glass. The door or screen should be sized to fit under the leading edge of any hood that comes with the unit. There should be open space under the hood to the top of the door to allow heat to leave the unit. Due to extreme temperatures we cannot guarantee finishes on products used for vent free applications.