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Sorted Masonry Fireplace Doors

Going through our vast list of different special masonry fireplace doors can be quite exciting when you’ve got a specific fireplace design in mind. And yes, it is pretty pleasant to think about how it can beautify that cozy corner in your home! If the shopping process becomes to difficult or you are having a hard time understand which door you need just click the Snapshot Quote banner below and fill out the information. We will do all the work required and send you a list of doors that will work according to the dimensions and preferences you submit!


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However, while it is okay to choose the one that fits in with the fireplace style you’ve always wanted, it is also very important to keep certain things, like functionality, material, fireplace type, and method of application in mind while you shop. We have decided to make the buying process easier by sorting our available doors into specific categories. That way if you know exactly what you want all you have to do is find the right category instead of searching through a long list of fireplace doors. If you are interested in learning more about the different types of masonry fireplace doors we carry read through the list below. 



Barn Door Fireplace Doors

Sliding Fireplace Barn DoorHere’s a sleek and sophisticated option if you’re looking for a barn door fireplace! Our barn fireplace doors are specially engineered to slide seamlessly and easily to give your fireplace a cozier feel. As long as you have enough space on the left and right side, this can be a classic choice for those who have an eye for minimalist modern interiors.
These gorgeous barn door fireplaces are versatile and can work with traditional fireplace décor or an ultra-modern fireplace design!

The Paterson sliding fireplace door is truly a work of art that will turn the entire look of your masonry fireplace around! It features the ever-trendy barn door fireplace door theme with rivet details and a premium roller track for doors that slide open and shut with little effort. It is a sliding fireplace door that will totally transform your fireplace's look. Choose the ideal finish for the 7 gauge steel frame - we offer several powder coat colors and 5 premium finishes for a truly unique look.


Masonry Fireplace Doors w/ Ceramic Glass

Denali Masonry Door with Ceramic Glass OptionIt’s almost always necessary to have your fireplace doors open when burning to maximize heating the room as well as safety. However, there are a couple of reasons why some prefer to close their fireplace doors when burning. If you’d rather have your fireplace doors closed, be sure to invest in masonry fireplace doors with ceramic glass.

It is essential that your masonry fireplace doors have ceramic glass when you choose to close your doors while burning. What’s the reason behind it? It’s because ceramic glass is specifically designed to withstand heat. All regular doors feature tempered glasses that can only handle temperatures up to 400°F. Regardless of the type of glass you use, flames can't touch the glass and you need to use a grate to keep flames a minimum of 6" away from your fireplace doors.

The Denali masonry fireplace door is designed for wood burning fireboxes and is custom built to your size specifications! Available as an overlap or inside fit enclosure, with or without a damper, this rustic fireplace door is crafted from 7 gauge steel. It has a rustic fireplace door design that is very unique. If you are interested in looking at more rustic glass fireplace doors we have a whole category for you to shop here.


Arched Fireplace Doors

Cascade Arched Masonry Fireplace DoorDo you absolutely adore traditional architecture? Nothing beats the classics as they make a home sophisticated and timeless! Our collection of arched fireplace doors come in several different styles that embody the classic masonry fireplace present in many quintessential homes. From modern to rustic, gothic to minimalist – you will surely find the best-arched fireplace doors for your lovely home. Many of our customers absolutely love having arched fireplaces and need custom arched fireplace doors to go with them! Our selection also consists of arched fireplace glass doors and arched fireplace screen doors, depending on your personal preference. If you choose to go for glass fireplace doors, we also offer a ceramic glass upgrade to ensure that your fireplace is safe. As ceramic fireplace glass doors are durable and can withstand heat, you don’t have to worry about overheating.

We offer many different kinds of custom arched fireplace doors. Many of these doors have over 10+ powder coat and plated finishes to choose from. You get to customize the arched fireplace door to exactly the size you need and pick what type of finish you would like to have. Some doors also give you the option to choose between cabinet or bi-fold doors. Some other options include choosing the tint color of the tempered glass and what type of handle design the door will have. All of these options allow you to customize your arched fireplace door exactly how you want. If you are interested in adding a damper assembly or spark protection we have doors with those options as well!


Modern Fireplace Doors

Saratoga Modern Masonry Fireplace DoorLooking for a modern fireplace door to match your modern home? You are in the right place, we offer a wide array of modern fireplace doors with many different styles and finishes. The door pictured is a Saratoga masonry fireplace door that can be custom made as an overlap or inside fit. Along with their modern look these doors have a lot of options that you can customize.

A modern fireplace door will totally change the look of your fireplace and modernize your living space. Some of these doors feature wide frames, hidden handles, and reflective finish options. You have the ability to create your own unique fireplace door. Some of our modern fireplace doors have mesh screen options or options for door dampers. Door dampers are a great option for your fireplace door as they can help keep your home more comfortable when the fireplace isn’t in use! Also, mesh protection is pretty much essential when you want to keep your home and loved ones safe from sparks and embers that try to escape the firebox.


Rustic Fireplace Doors

Madrid Masonry Rustic Fireplace DoorThese rustic fireplace doors are made from forged steel and often appear to have an old-world look. They have hammered rivet designs and twisted steel handles that radiate that rustic fireplace door look. If you are looking for that "Wow" factor you need not look any further.

Most of our rustic fireplace doors offer options such as tracked or trackless doors, hammered steel edges, custom handles, decorative hinges, and different glass tint colors. They also have many options for powder coat finishes and some doors have a variety of plated finishes to choose from as well. Our rustic glass fireplace doors come in many different styles and price points, each one has different options to customize. Check out the category above to find out more! 


Plated Fireplace Doors

Cascade Masonry Plated Fireplace DoorWe offer a premium selection of electroplated fireplace doors with high quality finishes. There are many different styles to choose from. Each door has its own list of options when it comes to finishes so you can customize it to your preferences. If you are looking for brass fireplace doors the plated fireplace doors section is a good place to start.

As with other doors you can also customize the glass tint, handles, finish, and some have the option to add dampers and spark screen protection. You just have to choose the door you like, input your custom measurements and select your options. Our plated fireplace doors are all custom made and take slightly longer than regular doors because of the production process, but they are definitely worth the wait!


Air Sealed Masonry Fireplace Doors

Carolina Air Sealed Masonry Fireplace DoorHave you ever wondered why there is always a distinct odor in your house whenever you light your fireplace? Despite having your masonry fireplace doors closed, the smell of the soot left in your fireplace can still escape and make its way into your house you simply can’t stand it anymore, consider installing air sealed masonry fireplace doors to significantly reduce the odor!

Upgrading your fireplace to air sealed glass masonry fireplace doors will not only get rid of the odor but also help boost the efficiency of your masonry fireplace by eliminating excess air loss. Air sealed fireplace doors are also an option since gasket doors are no longer required due to recent changes to the ICC code. With our air sealed fireplace doors, you can make a hassle-free purchase and install the doors yourself with professional guidance from us!


Mesh Masonry Doors

Masonry Mesh Fireplace DoorsMake your vent-free fireplace even safer by adding mesh fireplace doors to it. Masonry mesh fireplace doors serve as additional protection from sparks, ashes, and embers emitted from your burning fireplace. Mesh fireplace doors are a great alternative to glass if you prefer not to have tempered or ceramic fireplace doors. Mesh masonry fireplace doors are specifically intended for fireplaces that have a vent-free gas log installed.

These doors are built with a mesh screen in place of glass. As vent-free fireplaces do not have a chimney for the smoke and ash to exit, mesh doors will help improve air circulation for optimized safety and heat. For this to make your fireplace as efficient as possible, the door or screen should be sized to fit under the leading edge of any hood that is part of the unit. There should be open space from under the hood to the top of the mesh door to allow heat to leave the unit. Due to extreme temperatures, we cannot guarantee finishes on products used for vent-free applications. We know how important style and personal preferences are in terms of home designing, so we offer these mesh doors in different styles and colors! You’ll find something as unique as you are and the place you call home with us. And remember, shipping is free!


Corner Masonry Doors

Lancer Corner Masonry Fireplace DoorL-shaped corner masonry fireplaces are becoming a trend among contemporary minimalist lovers. If you’re looking for a modern but simplistic style when it comes to warming your home, consider installing corner fireplace doors on your fireplace!

This type of fireplace door isn’t quite easy to find, unlike conventional box-type ones. However, we make it easy for you as we offer top-notch corner masonry doors to match your contemporary space. When you use our handy snapshot quote, we can guarantee that the doors will fit perfectly to make your fire more efficient, with fewer worries about excess smoke emissions. You can also opt for additional spark protection to optimize the safety of your corner fireplace!

These glass fireplace doors form an L-shaped side so you can get a perfectly beautiful view of the burning fire from all sides. A totally modern look for your home, don’t you think?


Read more on the differences between ceramic glass and tempered in our blog!