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Snapshot Quote has been a huge hit with our customers!

We take the hassle and worry out of ordering a replacement fireplace door!

 Mar 19, 2019    Fireplace Doors, Choosing Your Door

February of 2016, Snapshot quote has been a huge hit with our fireplace door customers!we launched a new feature on our site called "Snapshot Quote".  We are thrilled to see so many of our customers using this new feature. By sending us a photo of your fireplace, you can get a quick quote on replacement fireplace doors!  

In the first month, we had over 50 people submit snapshots to get a quote!  Each and every one of them got a personal message from one of our fireplace experts, giving them a full rundown of which fireplace doors would be best for their home!

When shopping around for replacement glass fireplace doors, it's easy to become overwhelmed with the sheer number of doors that are on the market. You'll have to answer tons of questions such as:

* Do I have a masonry fireplace door or a zero clearance fireplace door?  

* Will these fireplace doors fit my Majestic fireplace or my Superior fireplace?  

* What about an old Heatilator fireplace?

* Is it better to get an inside fit fireplace door or an outside fit one?  

* Can I get by with a fireplace screen?


We take all of those worries and questions out of the equation with our Snapshot Quote for fireplace doors.  So how does it work?

With just a photo and a couple of quick measurements, we can tell you exactly what fireplace doors would work best for you.  We'll share several links to fireplace doors that would fit your needs, from the affordable fireplace door to the luxury fireplace door.  

Fireplace Doors Online takes the hassle out of ordering a fireplace door. So take some photos of your fireplace and send them over to us with no hassle, and worry-free way of getting the best quote for a quality replacement fireplace glass door! 



Last updated on February 13th 2020.

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