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Should you Invest in an Electric Fireplace?

 Sep 22, 2016  Fireplace Know How

Indoor Outdoor Linear Electric FireplaceIf you don’t already have a fireplace in your home, you are probably thinking that it would be a costly addition. Accessing the chimney or setting up a gas line – the expenses could add up quickly. Electric fireplaces solve all of those worries, but still offer the desired look and feel of wood burning or gas fireplaces. Safe for condos, apartments, bedrooms, indoors or outdoors, electric fireplaces are a popular option for both safety and affordability. Here’s why you should invest in a linear electric fireplace.

Minimal Installation

To install an electric fireplace, all you need is an open wall, a few tools, and an outlet. You don’t have to worry about professional installation, gas lines, chimney maintenance, or chopping wood. Many multi-family housing complexes permit electric fireplaces because they’re deemed much safer. Also, if you're looking for bedroom safe fireplaces, then an electric fireplace is the way to go.  

Cost Effective

Don’t be fooled by the idea that an electric fireplace will cost more because it uses electricity. These types of fire features are not meant to be the primary heat source in your home. In fact, Angie’s List estimates that electric fireplaces only use $1.84 of electricity every eight hours.  You already know you can forgo paying for professional help on the installation, but you also don’t have to factor in the cost of chimney maintenance, a gas bill, wood or gas logs, and regular cleanings.

Amantii Fire & Ice Electric FireplacesLooks Like the Real Deal

Fireplaces are beautiful, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice that with an electric model. Luckily, LED technology has come a long way and you can barely tell the difference between real and faux flames. Not to mention, most units have up to a dozen hues of color changing lights. Take a look at Amantii’s Fire and Ice series to see blue, purple, orange, and red flames that look more like a work of art.  Perhaps the best part is the lack of smoke or soot you’re left to deal with. Electric fireplaces are clean and more eco-friendly than their gas and wood counterparts. 

Browse our selection of electric fireplaces to find one that fits your space and start enjoying your new investment today.

Last updated on February 23rd 2018.


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