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Welcome! Fireplace Doors Online has Safety & Security Mesh for your project!

Safety Mesh And Safety Screens Commercial Project Ideas!

Considering the protection and security of your employees and patrons? For these types of commercial projects, metal safety mesh is the answer! Used in a variety of applications, many establishments are choosing this type of architectural safety mesh for barriers, metal screens, privacy curtains, and more.

These durable steel mesh curtains are strong enough to stop a person's fall! Consider using them in stairwells and near balconies for the ultimate barrier. The 19 gauge mesh weave is ideal for use as a blast or safety barrier near heavy machinery and equipment. When draped in front of windows, it offers a layer of privacy that allows you to see out but prevents anyone outside from seeing in. There are many possibilities available for your commercial project needs:

  • Zoological enclosures
  • Security gates and drapery panels
  • Window applications for glass mitigation and privacy
  • Industrial safety mesh curtains and machine guards
  • Home security and so much more!





Available in black, silver, and yellow, as well as different weave thicknesses! For all your commercial project needs including custom designs, please contact us at 1-888-986-1535 for the best quote in the industry!

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