Fireplace Door Riser Bars

Need to add a couple more inches to the height of your fireplace doors? Sometimes, measuring a for glass replacement doors can be a bit confusing. Don't go to the lengths of returning it for a different model - consider adding a riser bar instead! This steel extension piece mounts between your hearth and the fireplace glass doors above. A riser bar gives you the additional height you need to "fill" the opening in your fireplace. 

You can choose from a selection of finishes to match your existing fireplace doors. Remember to measure your doors and the opening on your application before selecting the dimensions for your new fireplace riser bar.


What is a fireplace riser bar?

  • A fireplace riser bar is a thin strip of metal that attaches to the bottom of a fireplace door, designed to essentially seal off the firebox. The average riser bar is approximately 2 inches thick and can be acquired in certain lengths to fit your particular fireplace door.
  • With a riser bar, the fireplace door has that little extra "boost" it needs to fit into place within the firebox opening.

Do I need a riser bar for my fireplace door?

  • Only if the height measurements of your door are too short for your opening. 
  • A door perfectly sized for your fireplace opening should not need a riser bar.