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Bar and Restaurant Interior Design Ideas | Commercial Bar Decor Ideas

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Welcome Restaurant & Bar designers to Fireplace Doors Online

Fireplace Doors Online offers restaurant bar design ideas that will help you thwart the competition! Every business loves return customers. The best way to keep them coming back night after night is to offer superior service and a setting that entices your patrons to relax, unwind, and savor the moment! If you'll handle the menu, we'll take care of the aesthetic details!

What's going to make your spot worth the trip? Bar and restaurant interior design plans for ambient appeal ranks right up there with the bill of fare, believe it or not! Gain the advantage with amazing focal points and conversation pieces that will add to the high caliber dining experience that you provide your customers. Consider adding some of these impressive features to your social scene, indoor or alfresco:

Custom safety and architectural mesh 

Custom Safety and Architectural Mesh - I am interested in a quote

Safety mesh is ideal for securing off limit areas or fashioning a barrier. Architectural mesh, when suspended from ceilings, is a unique and beautiful way to separate seating areas and alcoves. We can custom make these mesh fabric panels for your establishment in specific lengths and colors. If you can imagine it, we can design it!

Electric fireplaces

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Add a touch of charm and ambiance to a bar or lobby with a clean and efficient electric fireplace. Your barkeep or hostess won't have to worry about adding logs to keep the flames going, and patrons won't be exposed to fumes. LED lighting and select fire media enhance the appearance. Thermostat controls allow for space heating.

Gas Fireplace Inserts 

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Large establishments may choose to incorporate an additional heat source for their patrons. Direct vent and vent free gas fireplace inserts are luxurious, convenient, and easy to maintain. They mimic actual wood burning fireplaces and provide a cost-effective way to deliver warmth and comfort to a spacious area. 

Contemporary Mantel Shelves

Contemporary Mantel Shelves - I am interested in a quote

We have plenty of mantel shelf styles to match your rustic or upscale motif! Our steel mantel shelves are hand made and come in a variety of powder coat colors. Wood mantel shelves are richly detailed and come in endless combinations of wood species and finish colors. We even have a glass mantel shelf for an ultra modern appeal!

Fireplace Doors 

Fireplace Doors - I am interested in a quote

Update your venue's existing masonry or prefabricated fireplace with a new standard or custom made door! Our steel and aluminum enclosures come with tempered or ceramic glass, options for bi-fold or cabinet style doors, and several finish colors and design to make the focal point in your seating area stand out!

Indoor and outdoor lighting

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We offer a line of designer indoor and outdoor lighting for all decor styles. Create ambiance or improve task performance with our chandeliers, pendant lights, flush mounts, wall sconces, and lamps. Our outdoor line consists of post, flush, sconces, and hanging lights. Mix and match products for a copacetic flair!

Bathroom vanities and mirrors 

Bathroom Vanities and Mirrors - I am interested in a quote

Believe it or not, your restaurant's or bar's bathroom says a lot about you. The decor is just as important as its cleanliness, and we have a beautiful collection of single and double vanities that will flatter your venue and impress your patrons. The sink tops are included, but faucet must be purchased separately. Coordinating mirrors are available!


Pergolas - I am interested in a quote

For outdoor bistros, consider adding a decorative solution to keep patrons shielded from the weather or hot sun. A custom pergola with posts, cross beams, and lattice or roofing gives an option for a quaint sheltered pod in an alfresco dining area. Pergolas can be enhanced with lighting, planters, and even patio heaters for the cooler seasons!

Infrared Patio Heaters 

Patio Heaters - I am interested in a quote

Older style patio heaters tend to be bulky, unattractive, costly, and hard to set up or maneuver. Our line of radiant heat gas fueled and electric patio heaters are stylish and efficient! We offer easy to install stationary heaters, as well as a sleek portable unit to keep your outdoor dinner guests warm and cozy.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor Fireplaces - I am interested in a quote

For a non-traditional source of patio heating, consider adding a gas or wood burning fireplace to your outdoor bistro! The elegant styles and designs that we offer not only serve as a heat source, but also as an instant attraction for small groups of guests to gather round and enjoy a comfortable evening alfresco!

Fire tables and furniture collections 

Fire Tables and Furniture Collections - I am interested in a quote

Outdoor dining is appealing in and of itself. Why not amp up the experience by incorporating trendy fire tables and coordinating furniture to your restaurant patio? Many of our tables even come with a burner cover if your guests prefer to 86 the flames. Bar and chat height styles available with matching chairs for comfortable seating.

Gas Tiki Torches 

Gas Tiki Torches - I am interested in a quote

Permanent gas tiki torches are perfect for directing guests to an entertainment area. Weather resistant and fuel efficient, we have a number of different styles including hammered copper cones and laser cut steel designs. These torches last for year and run on propane or natural gas. Easy installation to existing fuel lines!

Landscape Glass 

Landscape Glass - I am interested in a quote

Add some color to a planter or design part of your outdoor landscape with decorative glass mulch! This tumbled glass is smooth and eco-friendly. It comes in a variety of shades, including pre-mixed hues to match your pattern idea or outdoor decor. Make a statement like no other with beautiful landscape glass!

Fire and Water Bowls 

Fire and Water Bowls - I am interested in a quote

Stand out above the competition when you add a fire and water bowl to your venue! Whether you use them to greet your guests as they walk up to your entrance, or as focal points in your outdoor seating area, our collection of copper, stainless steel, and precast bowls are guaranteed to impress! Opt for a fire bowl only option as well!


In this day and age, we know how important it is to demonstrate customer value and a unique atmosphere that sets your restaurant or bar apart from the rest. Allow us to help you design that winning recipe for success! For all your commercial project needs including custom designs, please contact us at 1-877-373-6677 for the best quote in the industry!

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