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Bringing out your own style for your home is important as you're creating your own oasis. We make this easy for you by offering you a wide array of items for any type of renovation. Whether you are looking to spice up a room or completely upgrading, we are here for you!

Mantels & Surrounds

A mantel allows you to put some of your favorite things on display. Family photos, knickknacks, or even a cute kitten incense burner can adorn your mantel and add a personalized, warmer touch to your fireplace. They also happen to be perfect for hanging Christmas stockings, just be sure to take them down when it comes time to roast chestnuts!




Indoor Lighting


Lamps are versatile and don't require an electrician to install. Just plug and go! Try them on nightstands, desks, or near your favorite reading nook. 


The chandelier can automatically enhance any space. They don't just come in classical empire designs. There are also rustic or modern designs to match your decor style. 

Island Lights 

The perfect island lights are great in the kitchen. Just make sure they are not chunky or hanging low within the line of sight.

Vanity Lights 

A vanity light can help give the proper lighting around the mirror to eliminate shadows.

Wall Sconces 

The addition of a wall sconce can upgrade any room they are in and add ambient lighting. Accent wall decor or art pieces.

Pendant Lights 

A hanging pendant light can be a fun and colorful task lighting that goes well in both office and residential settings.

Flush & Semi Flush Mount Lights 

Flush and semi-flush mounts are for overhead lighting and illumining large spaces.

Bulbs & Lighting Accessories

 Lighting accessories for those fixtures that require special bulbs.


Check out our home decor lighting edition below!



Window Screens

Create a statement piece, a focal point in your home, office, restaurant, or club. Woven metal drapes can work as a room divider or a piece of art. The architectural mesh comes in hundreds of different colors and can be used in hundreds of different applications.

Meet safety standards, while also protecting those that work for you by installing custom safety mesh throughout your business. Create barriers, blast dividers, locking safety curtains, and more with these custom safety mesh panels.

Architectural mesh screens are creating a stunning and one of a kind look for commercial establishments around the world! If you haven't discovered this art concept yet, now is your chance! This metal coil drapery is a trendy and contemporary way to amp up the theatrics and visual appeal of your restaurant, auditorium, gallery, or hotel. The decor possibilities are endless!

Outfit your outdoor living space in style with unique and beautiful architectural metal mesh dividers! Whether your goal is to keep your patio shielded from sun and rain or protected from leaves and debris that may wander in with the breeze, these woven panels are perfect for maintaining a pristine outdoor space!

Protect and secure the perimeter, as well as employees or patrons with our security wire mesh panels! For homes and commercial businesses alike, these unique barriers can be used for security cage panels or privacy wire mesh window guards. Bars and locks can be added to the mesh for added security. This metal coil drapery is ideal for a variety of applications, and we can custom make them to your weave thickness and size preferences.




To upgrade your bathroom we have everything you need to make your bathroom modern! We have mesh shower curtains that are low maintenance aluminum for your shower area! The materials the mesh shower curtains are made up of are rust, fade, and stain-resistant. 

We have a wide selection of vanities with storage cabinets, drawers, and bottom shelves to make your bathroom more efficient. There are options for every style and design plan from modern to classic!


There is a wide variety of kitchen renovation items we offer! There are islands, custom made range hoods, island lighting, and custom backsplashes. All kitchen items are of high-quality materials made to make your renovation easy and satisfactory! 

Custom Renovation Options

If you're looking to renovate your kitchen in your own way but are unable to find what you are looking for, we have you covered! Along with the extensive options we have available to you we also have custom options. 

Our custom options range from cabinetry to walls for your renovation projects. The custom items are available upon request and special order. We have many options from modern to rustic and many finishing options. The greatest part is that you don't only have to utilize these options in just your kitchen. All items can be installed in any room of your home you are looking to upgrade!



There is a broad range of cabinet options for you. From industrial to the old world to modern, our cabinet options are ready to help you make your dream home come true. You can make each your own with choices for finishes, door inserts, frames, and handles. 




                              Designer                                           Industrial                                        Modern                                    




    Old World                                           Original                                           Transitional




Range Hoods

Upgrading your kitchen to match your amazing design ideas doesn't have to be difficult. With our many options of range hoods, you can design your kitchen with the perfect range hood to match your design. Range hoods can be customized with rivets, banding, accents, and finishes so you don't have to have mismatched items!






Fireplace Doors Online will help you bring the beauty of a metal backsplash into your kitchen. Laser-cut to your specifications and offered in stainless steel, copper, brass, and aluminum that can be finished with a powder coat. Custom backsplashes include solid metals, aluminum shiplap, glass, and porcelain. Each option comes with the option to add a custom finish. Choose a size and how many you will need, and will get you a quote.






Your countertops are just as important to your design as the rest of your home. They need to be functional, long-lasting, and of course, look amazing! We have some great custom options to give you. You have materials to choose from like stainless steel, steel, aluminum, and much more. Each countertop is cut to your exact measurements to the finish of your choice. 




Instead of painting or wallpaper to update your walls in your home, we have options that will bring out your design perfectly! The walls we offer can be used as fireplace surrounds, accent walls, or even to complete an entire room. The panels are super easy to install and can be installed in any type of room. Options available are steel, aluminum, glass, and porcelain. Panels come in horizontal, tile, vertical, four-panel, or dimensional and are custom sized to your needs. There are also custom options like finish and accents to make them a perfect fit for your walls.




For more custom options, questions, or orders give us a call today at 888-986-1535!


Are renovations worth it?

  • The great thing about renovations is that they not only make you feel more at home by personalizing your living space but, it also can raise the value of your home! There are many perks to renovating your home!

Is it expensive to renovate?

  • This varies greatly on what renovation needs to be done as well as if there are other aspects not seen with the eye when you start the renovation. We suggest reaching out to a professional to inspect and price your renovation.