Rectangle Mortar Frames - Lintels

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Stoll Lintel - Rectangle Mortar Frame


Use these rectangle mortar frames when building your house, to make equipping your fireplace with a glass fireplace door super easy!

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Mortar frames are used in newly built masonry fireplaces and are invaluable when it comes to your fireplace! Unlike other fireplace items, this one isn’t seen, but it makes installing future fireplace appliances and accessories very easy. With this, all you have to do is install your Custom Metal Company fireplace door—you won’t have to worry about damaging your glass door during installation! This is something your mason will likely order, but it’s always nice to know what you’re getting.

This Custom Metal Company mortar frame is made for rectangle fireplaces. The 500L frame size fits a 37 1/2” x 25 3/4” fireplace opening. It works with a standard door size of 38” x 26”. The 600L is a bit bigger and a fireplace door measuring 42” x 30” will work for it. And, the double mortar lip in the front and back allows for convenience and easy installation! Even though you can’t see your mortar frame once your fireplace door is installed, this is an essential part of your fireplace and isn’t something you should go without in your new home or fireplace.

We know that you want your new home to be perfect. We don’t blame you! But, it’s a good idea to look ahead and invest in fireplace products that will save you money and trouble down the line. This mortar frame is a fine example of that, and it works with all Custom Metal Company fireplace doors. If you’ve got your eye on one of their masonry fireplace doors, this is definitely the way to go! Give us a call if you have any questions and as always, shipping is free!

Mortar Frame:
Frame: 3/16" thick x 4" wide
Double mortar lip on front and back

500L Mortar Frame Size:
Size: 37 1/2" x 25 3/4"
Finished Door Size: 38" x 26"

600L Mortar Frame Size:
Size: 41 1/2" x 29 3/4"
Finished Door Size: 42" x 30"

Mortar Frame Made To Order
Estimated Production Time 1-2 Weeks plus extra time in transit.

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Last updated on October 30th 2017.