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Propane Tank BTU'S - Gas Appliance Operation Time

Propane Tank BTU'S

To find out how long a gas appliance will run off one tank of gas, first find the total Btu's of the propane tank. Divide that number by the total BTU's of your appliance. This will give you approximate total time your gas appliance will run on the one tank of gas.

Example: I have one gas fire pit rated at 150,000 Btu's and I am considering using a 50 pound tank to operate the fire pit. If you take 2,159,400 Btu's (total Btu's of a 50 pound tank) divided by 150,000 Btu's the total operating time is about 14.39 hours.


11 Pound Tank  20 Pound Tank 30 Pound Tank 40 Pound Tank   50 Pound Tank
= 2.98 gallons of gas = 5 gallons of gas = 7 gallons of gas = 10 gallons of gas = 25 gallons of gas
=256,205    BTU's   

= 430,000 BTU's

= 640,000 BTU's = 860,000 BTU's = 2,159,400 BTU's











Last updated on August 7th 2019.