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Doors For Factory Built Fireplaces By Manufacturer

Fireplace Doors Online wants your experience with us to be effortless! That's why we've created a section exclusively for prefab fireplace doors, organized by popular manufacturers of factory built fireplaces!

Select your fireplace manufacturer from the icons above, then search by model number. You can also click on the fireplace glass door picture at the top of the model number page to go directly to our selection of doors that are compatible with your zero clearance fireplace.

Discovering What Replacement Door You Need For Your Factory Built Fireplace

The Steps

  1. Uninstall the old door from your zero clearance fireplace. Look for anything sticking out or protruding around the edge of the firebox, as the new prefab fireplace door will need to fit against flat, smooth surfaces. Rough stonework is a good example of something that could prevent your new fireplace door from fitting into your firebox opening.
  2. Look for the model and manufacturer of your fireplace on a metal tag, which is usually near the opening of the firebox.
    • Our replacement doors are only compatible with the following manufacturers: FMI, Heat-N-Glo, Heatilator, Majestic, Marco, Martin, Preway, Superior, and Temco.
    • If your zero clearance fireplace is not made by one of the above manufacturers, you can find prefab doors that can be custom fit to your fireplace here under our main category.

** NOTE: When looking for the model number of your fireplace, stick to the model number found on the tag and not the manual. Many manufacturers will use the same manual across different models and such, is not a reliable source for the model number.  

Please keep in mind that our doors are not OEM (original equipment manufacturer) doors. Click here to see an example. Our replacement fireplace doors are compatible with your fireplace model and include the door glass and the main frame. Give your fireplace a brand new look with one of popular fireplace glass doors!