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Portable Grills

Tabletop gas grills are perfect for backyard BBQs, picnics at the beach, or family reunions at the park. Enjoy the ease of versatility this line of portable gas grills offers when you smoke, steam, and sear your food to perfection! Place on any surface, including wooden or composite picnic tables, and enjoy the efficiency of cooking with propane.

These Solaire and Tec Infrared Grills offer a rapid preheat and self-cleaning cooking surfaces. The flame resistant design prevents charring of your food. Made from durable stainless steel design, these products are guaranteed to last a long time! 



What type of performance should I expect from a TEC infrared grill?

  • Expect only the ultimate in precision cooking! TEC infrared grills boast a rapid heat-up feature, allowing them to jump from 0° to 850°F in 10 minutes! With this high performance searing capability, your steaks will be grilled to perfection every time. Should you prefer to smoke, barbecue, or slow cook your food, a TEC infrared grill can accommodate lower temperatures of 250° to 300°F.

  • The stainless steel burners have been designed with even heat distribution in mind. No hot or cold spots, flare-ups, or charring to be found – just superior performance throughout for a culinary experience like no other!