7 Inch Round Poly Chimney Brush

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Round Polymer Chimney Brush

Our Schaefer poly chimney brushes are perfect for insulated metal chimneys, stainless steel, or metal stove pipes where the manufacturer recommends not scratching the flue. Abrasive metal brushes may damage these, but hefty polypropylene bristles are just as acid resistant while being more delicate on your chimney walls.

The brush features a vertical single spiral, double stem that when used creates a side-to-side motion as it's moved up and down for maximum cleaning efficiency. It fits pipes and chimneys at least 7" wide, and our poly brushes have a 3/4" loop on one end for pull rings and a 1/4" pipe thread on the other for fiberglass rods.

This is a high quality showroom model at an affordable price, ready to ship in one business day.

  • Polymer Chimney Brush
Features & Benefits:
  • The spiral brush pattern makes cleaning easy, cutting through soot and creosote fast.
  • Polymer bristles rigidly clean your chimney without damaging insulation or scoring stainless steel components, allowing your chimney to last longer.
  • The top loop can be attached to a hanger, making storage simple.
  • Cleaning your chimney is a crucial part of maintaining it, preventing dangerous fires.
  • Proudly made in the USA.
Brush Diameter: 7 inches
Brush Material: Polypropylene

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