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Outdoor Wood Fireplace

Most people have some kind of outdoor living space, but many of us neglect it until we’re rushing to get it ready for guests. Get ahead of the game with our gorgeous outdoor fireplaces! Outdoor fireplaces have special needs compared to ones that fit in just right in your living room. For example, very often rain and weather can get into the firebox and you need to have an outdoor fireplace with specially made panels that can withstand the different needs of this fireplace.

Having an outdoor fireplace—or any outdoor fire feature—is great because it extends summer. Cookouts, family time and bonfires are all hallmarks of the great American experience and a beautiful outdoor fireplace can make that last well into autumn. In fact, a lot of homeowners love having an outdoor fireplace by the time crisp temperatures come along because it’s a perfect balance between the crisp evening air and warm crackle of the fire. Even in the winter months having an outdoor fire fixture is perfect—what better way to warm up after a day of sledding than to bask in the glow of a fire?!