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Patio Heaters

Keep the outdoor fun going well into the cooler months with our line of infrared patio heaters. Great for both commercial and residential settings, these outdoor patio heaters require no blower or ventilation system and are unaffected by windy days.  The heat lamps are environmentally friendly too, made from recyclable materials and emitting zero greenhouse emissions. Enjoy the easy operation, mounting options, and minimum maintenance that comes with an electric patio heater!



Do the gas patio heaters need an electrical supply?

Yes! Patio heaters are typically equipped with an electronic ignition that does require an electrical supply.

Do the gas patio heaters have an adjustable heat output?

No. Gas heaters have an On-Off control only. Temperature and heat cannot be adjusted.

Are wall mount brackets supplied with Bromic gas heaters?

All of our Bromic Smart-Heat gas heaters for outdoor settings include wall mount brackets. Additional accessories, such as ceiling poles, deflectors, and controllers are optional accessories that can be acquired on as upgrades.

Won't the weather affect the performance of the outdoor heaters?

Any outdoor heater can be affected by wind, rain, or snow. We highly recommend mounting/using your gas, electric, or portable outdoor heater undercover where it will not be directly exposed to weather conditions. Our Bromic heaters are performance rated for high wind resistance at speeds up to 13mph, making them outstanding in class and performance compared to other brands on the market.

Can I install these heaters by myself?

Fireplace Doors Online strongly recommends having a licensed technician install any of the Bromic Smart-Heat units. This also includes the Tungsten Portable Gas Heater.