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Outdoor Water Features FAQs

Outdoor Water Feature FAQs

Have some questions about our Outdoor Water Features? Look for answers here.

Shop All Outdoor Water Features

Shop All Outdoor Water Features

Browse through our scupper bowls, fountain pumps, and pool scupper. Or check out our custom water feature products at our FDO Custom Shop.

All About Concrete Bowls

All About Concrete Bowls

Find out why our USA-Made bowls are so popular, and how to care for and maintain them!

Clean Patina With Salt and Lemon Juice

7 Everyday Items To Clean Copper Naturally

And the best part, you probably already have most of these items sitting around your home.

Salt Water in Concrete Bowls

Can I Use Salt Water In My Concrete Scupper Bowl

Scupper bowls for pools are gorgeous water features, but do you know what the effect of salt water on concrete creates?

Painting Concrete Water Features

Will I Need To Paint My Concrete Product?

You'll be happy to hear what we have to say!










Last updated on May 24th 2018.

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