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Outdoor Linear Fireplaces

There are so many choices for outdoor fireplaces! If you are looking for a more contemporary style we have the perfect one for you! The outdoor linear fireplace is a rectangle shaped fireplace that can be seen from both sides or have a solid backing. These fireplaces are perfect to bring a modern feel to your outdoor space.

The outdoor linear fireplace is natural or propane gas powered. No more wood shenanigans! They are easy to install and easy to maintain. The clean up is easy peasy since these fireplaces emit little to no smoke at all. And because you are not using wood, they do not require sweeping after each use. 

Outdoor linear fireplaces are easy to maintain and keep clean. There most you will need to do is keep them clean from outdoor debris that may fly in. Or if you have doors, just give them a wipe down from the dust blown from wind. As always you should always complete a deep clean to your fireplace annually.

With design in mind the outdoor linear fireplace can bring your outdoor space from old and worn out to modern and spunky! You have the option to customize your fireplace to your decor as well as add some glass to the mix. The fireplace glass options come in a variety of colors to make your linear fireplace really pop!

Made with durable materials, you will never have to worry about break down as long as you complete the annual maintenance. Most of the components are made with stainless steel to keep up the look as well as in working order! Take a peak at all our options and make the move to bring out your modern side!




What is a linear fireplace?

  • A linear fireplace is a rectangular fireplace that are gas powered and can be installed in either an indoor or outdoor space. Keep in mind that you want to choose the fireplace made to go outdoors. These fireplaces are also referred to as contemporary.

Are all linear fireplaces gas?

  • We can't speak for all fireplaces out there but we do not offer any other options than gas for this particular fireplace. Gas is a cleaner option for your outdoor fireplace as it emits little to no toxins into the air.

Do linear fireplaces put out heat?

  • Like with all fireplaces, the linear fireplace will put out heat. Please consider that your fireplace is placed against the wind to improve heat efficiency. Also, the outdoor linear fireplaces are run on gas. Gas does get much hotter and is more controllable than a wood fireplace.

What size is a linear fireplace?

  • There are two ways to utilize your outdoor linear fireplace. You can have the fireplace divide a space with openings on each side or recede into the wall to create a statement. There are many different sizes available to you in order to make your decision.