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Outdoor Kitchen

Entertain guests and loved ones in your outdoor kitchen area! Your friends will flock to your place for the ultimate in backyard living. Our outdoor bbq grill islands by Fire Magic Grills and AOG Outdoor Grills come in an assortment of designs, shapes, and sizes, with plenty of bells and whistles for an outdoor cooking experience like no other!


Are all of the grills in your islands gas powered?

  • Yes, these grills are fueled by either natural gas or liquid propane and can be ordered as such to match with your fuel type.

Do I need to order extra accessories to outfit my grill island?

  • Our grill islands include the main grill head, convenient storage drawers, back burners, rotisserie kits, and access doors for easy cleaning and maintenance. Depending on the model selected, some of the outdoor kitchen island sets also come with a refrigerator, side burner, or both. For our Fire Magic grills, we have additional accessories available here if you prefer to outfit your kitchen island to the max!