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Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen

Entertain guests and loved ones in your outdoor kitchen area! Your friends will flock to your place for the ultimate in backyard living. From outdoor bbq grills, to fryers, steamers, and more, Fireplace Doors Online has what you need to create a functional recreation spot for your patio or yard! Enjoy free shipping, too!


  • Portable Grills
    • The freedom to set up a BBQ anywhere
    • Infrared grills with rapid preheat and a self-cleaning cooking surface
    • Stainless steel material to hold up against nature's elements
  • Freestanding Grills
    • Trustworthy brands like Broilmaster and TEC Infrared
    • Choose from Natural Gas, Liquid Propane, and Infrared grills
  • Built In Grills
    • For Outdoor Kitchen DIY Projects
    • Infrared technology cooks quickly and burns off any messes
    • Options for covers and warming racks on select models
  • Grill Accessories
    • Bake a pizza
    • Smoke and roast a Turkey
    • Deep-fry wings, fries, tempura, pickles, cheesecake. You name it!



How long has TEC been manufacturing infrared grills?

  • The first infrared gas grill was introduced to the world by TEC in 1980. With more than 30 years in the grilling industry, TEC has built a loyal clientele who still have their original American-made infrared model! With high grade stainless steel accessories and replacement parts, TEC products are built to last a lifetime.