Outdoor Ignitions And Parts

Outdoor Ignitions And Parts

Are you looking to design and create your own fire feature for your backyard oasis? Or maybe you just need replacement parts for your gas-fueled fire pit? Fireplace Doors Online has you covered with our outdoor rated ignition systems, fire on water manifolds, crossfire brass burners, match lit kits, ready to finish gas fire pits and more! 


Does the height of my concrete bowl matter when choosing a burner insert?

  • Yes. Shallow bowls will not be able to accommodate a large pan-style electronic ignition system (EIS). Bowls with a depth of 10" or less do not have enough room to fit a burner insert and an EIS within them. You would need to utilize our match lit ignition systems or a flat burner for your smaller depth bowls.

What size burner do I need for my concrete fire bowl?

  • When choosing a burner insert for your concrete bowl, always subtract 12 inches from the diameter of the bowl to figure out the largest sized burner you can use.
    • For example: If your bowl is 36 inches in diameter, subtract 14 inches from 36. You would need to choose the closest burner to 22 inches (in this case, the 18-inch insert).
  • Inserts must sit on top of your fire media near the lip of the bowl. Do not place the burner at the bottom of the bowl and cover with lava rock or fire glass. This is considered misuse and can lead to the explosion of the product!
  • Inserts are available in round or square shapes to correspond with your feature.