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Stainless Steel Mesh Curtain Pulls
Lost your mesh curtain pulls 
or need to replace them? 
Replace your curtain pulls with 
these durable... 
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36 Inch Long Stainless Steel Bypass Rod 3...
Bypass rod for your 
fireplace mesh curtains. Allows you to 
install your mesh curtain creating 
an ov... 
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48 Inch Long Stainless Steel Bypass Rod 3...
This 48 inch stainless steel 
mesh curtain rod is an excellent 
replacement option for your worn out ... 
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17" Stainless Steel Straight Natural Gas ...
17" Stainless steel natural 
gas log lighter. Made from heavy 
duty stainless to withstand high 
heat ... 
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17" Stainless Steel Straight Liquid Propa...
17" Stainless steel propane 
log lighter. Made from heavy 
duty stainless to withstand high 
heat of a... 
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Stainless Steel 1/4" Weave Fireplace Mesh...
These stainless steel 
curtains can be used indoors or 
outdoors. Great for a modern style 
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24" Stainless Steel Fireplace Grate
A durable fireplace grate 
for your indoor or outdoor 
fireplace. 24" wide grate made from 304 
Free shipping|In Stock
30" Stainless Steel Fireplace Grate
A durable fireplace grate 
for indoor or outdoor will bring 
your fireplace to another level. 
30" wid... 
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Stainless Steel Fireplace Grate
22" Stainless Steel Fireplace Grate
Perfect for outdoor or 
indoor use, this fireplace grate is 
modern and the stainless steel 
Free shipping|In Stock
Stainless Steel Fireplace Grate
25" Stainless Steel Fireplace Grate
This fireplace grate is for 
both outdoor or indoor use. The 
stainless steel brings attention to 
Free shipping|In Stock
36" Stainless Steel Fireplace Grate
HPC stainless steel 
fireplace grate. 36" wide log grate 
that is welded on every joint for 
superior ... 
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Stainless Steel Fireplace Grate
28" Stainless Steel Fireplace Grate
This stainless steel 
fireplace grate is for both outdoor or 
indoor use, bringing attention to 
the b... 
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Stainless Contemporary Fireplace Tool Set...
Bold design is shown off 
with this Stainless Contemporary 
Fireplace Tool Set In Matte Black 
Finish ... 
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Stainless Steel Fireplace Grate
32" Stainless Steel Fireplace Grate
This fireplace grate is made 
of stainless steel, making it 
an option for both outdoor and 
indoor us... 
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5 Piece Abstract Fireplace Tool Set
With this modern abstract 
design 5 piece tool set, it is a 
perfect addition to any home! 
Included i... 
Free shipping|In Stock
Newport Stainless Steel Fireplace Tool Set
This Newport Stainless Steel 
Fireplace Tool Set is a great fit for 
your outdoor fireplace! Free 
Free shipping|In Stock
Brushed Stainless Steel Modern 5500 Tool Set
A simple looking but 
impressive looking brushed stainless 
steel fireplace tool set is the 
model 550... 
Free shipping|Made To Order
Manhattan Brushed Stainless Steel Tool Set
Straight lines and a clear 
look impress on this Manhattan 
brushed stainless steel fireplace 
tool se... 
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Elite Glass Modern Tool Set
A combination tool set with 
glass and brushed stainless steel 
that will give a new look to your 
Free shipping|Made To Order
Saratoga Stainless Steel Fireplace Tool Set
Adorn your outdoor or indoor 
space with this Saratoga fireplace 
tool set that includes a brush, 
Free shipping|Made To Order
Vanguard Fireplace Tool Set with Glass an...
The Vanguard Glass Fireplace 
Tool Set has a clear bi-fuzzy 
glass stand that gives the 
appearance th... 
Free shipping|Made To Order
Stainless Steel Fireplace Tool Set
This 4 piece stainless steel 
fireplace tool set has a modern twist 
and is the perfect fit for an 
Free shipping|Made To Order
Brushed Stainless Steel Contemporary Tool...
Accent your indoor or 
outdoor fireplace with this brushed 
stainless steel contemporary fireplace 
Free shipping|Made To Order
Brushed Stainless Steel Contemporary Log ...
This combo tool set and log 
holder made of stainless steel will 
give you a new modern look for 
Free shipping|Made To Order
Any Length Brushed Stainless Steel Mantel...
This modern fireplace mantel 
shelf has a brushed stainless 
steel finish and is suitable for 
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Brushed Stainless Steel Arch Single Panel...
Our Brushed Stainless Steel 
arched single panel fireplace 
screen protects your home while 
adding an... 
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Free shipping|Made To Order
Brushed Stainless Steel Single Panel Fire...
This stylish contemporary 
fireplace screen offers a brushed 
stainless steel finish for a sleek 
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Free shipping|Made To Order

Outdoor Hearth Accessories

Just like everything else in this world a fireplace needs its accessories! Outdoor hearth accessories that is. Adding a funky tool set or wood grate to your fireplace can definitely bring out the bling! 

We offer many styles of too sets for your fireplace to ensure that you are keeping the style going! Our items are made from stainless steel or a brushed steel to keep them from withering in the elements. 

The wood grates are made to keep your fire burning into the night as well as burning more efficiently. Stacking your firewood on a grate really can make a difference in how your wood burns. Keep from having to constantly refill your fire with one of our grates! They come in many different sizes to ensure a great fit for your fireplace!

We also have a fireplace mantel made just for your outdoor space. Made of stainless steel it is a perfect accessory to your fireplace to add heat efficiency as well as a heat deflector for items above your fireplace. 

All our items in the outdoor hearth accessories are made durable and long lasting. We want to make sure that your items last and can really give your outdoor space a facelift!




What do you need for a fireplace?

  • Depending on the type of fireplace you have will depend on the accessories or items needed to keep your fireplace clean or more efficient. The best piece of mind to keep is that if you have a wood fireplace, you will need to keep the inside clean after usage. A tool set is a perfect way to keep all the items you will need close by your fireplace within reach. Also, they add a little zing to the decorative aspect.

What is the thing that holds wood in a fireplace?

  • As the fireplace experts, you are looking for a grate. A wood grate is usually in a half U shape and is made to hold your wood to help burn more efficiently in your fireplace. We have many to choose from!

What are fireplace tools called?

  • There are many and we mean MANY fireplace tools you will use throughout your fireplace owning life. There are some essential tools that you will use more often. Those are included in our tool sets so you have the basics. Those basics are a brush, shovel, poker, and tongs. These items are to help upkeep your fireplace during usage. 

Do I need a mantel over an outdoor fireplace?

  • The point of a mantel is to keep heat moving back down and out from your fireplace. They are great for making your fireplace more efficient as well as keeping the heat from your decorations. This also proves true if you have a TV mounted over your outdoor fireplace.