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Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

An outdoor fireplace is a charming and warming addition to any outdoor space. They are a perfect addition to bring loved ones together for a great night! Our gas fireplaces are an alternative to a wood-burning fireplace. The outdoor fireplaces work on natural gas or propane and are better for the environment than a wood burning fireplace.

Outdoor gas fireplaces are better for the environment and can help lower your carbon footprint. Natural gas or propane both are clean burning. Neither gas exhausts toxins into the air compared to a wood fireplace. They can also be less of a hassle for cleaning as they do not produce smoke or ash. 

The outdoor gas fireplace also is great for heat efficiency. They produce more heat as well as are more controlled by the gas. You can adjust the heat output by adjusting the amount of gas used. You also have the ability to save more money with an outdoor gas fireplace! 

Whether you use natural gas or propane, both gases are cheaper and more budget friendly than wood. The gas can be refilled if you are using propane only when needed. The natural gas choice is run through a utility company and can be budgeted easily.

Making the choice to go with an outdoor gas fireplace is easy and convenient with us! We will walk you through every step. We have custom options for your fireplace design so your outdoor space keeps it's beauty and style through and through. There are many options to choose from in style, shape, and size! Take a look, you will not be disappointed!


What is an outdoor fireplace called?

  • An outdoor fireplace is also known as a chiminea. A chiminea is defined as a freestanding fireplace or oven, usually with a vertical smoke vent or chimney. 

Is there a vent less gas outdoor fireplace?

  • A vent less gas fireplace is available if you are looking to go vent less for your outdoor fireplace. Check out this modern vent less outdoor fireplace we have! Click here to view.

Do you need a permit for an outdoor fireplace?

  • As you may have standards where you live for an outdoor fireplace, we suggest that you reach out to your local professionals to verify if a permit is needed in your area.