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Your Guide to Outdoor Fireplace Accessories

 Dec 1, 2019    Outside the Firebox, Inside the Firebox, Mantels & Hearths, Fire Pits, Staying Warm Outdoors

Outdoor Fireplace Accessories Guide

Who out there loves to chill outside on the patio? Well, if you like chilling outside, you'll love staying warm outside even more! Having your very own outdoor fireplace is fantastic! There's nothing better than gathering your family outside at the patio table, or even just a mat on the ground, with a fire blazing nearby.

If you want to enjoy your outdoor fireplace to the max, you'll need to ensure you own the necessary tools to work it and keep it clean. A clean outdoor fireplace makes for a happy family gathering!

Today, we're going to take a look at the main accessories you will need for your outdoor fireplace as well as the recommended materials. Take a look and see which ones you still need to acquire!

Stainless steel is your best option for your outdoor fireplace!

Stainless Steel Fireplace Doors

Fireplace doors don't necessarily come with an outdoor fireplace. That being said, you should definitely invest in them. The amount of dust and muck that can get into your outdoor fireplace is quite hazardous. If you don't use fireplace doors, you can expect to clean your fireplace every couple of days.

The recommended material for your outdoor fireplace doors is stainless steel. Of course, you can use other materials if you find them more attractive but stainless steel lasts for a long time and is very easy to keep clean.

If you can't find fireplace doors that fit your fireplace dimensions then you can also request a customized fireplace. This way, you can make absolutely certain that the fireplace doors will fit.

Stainless steel log lighters are a great way to get your outdoor fireplace or wood burning fire pit up and going faster!

Stainless Steel Natural Gas/Propane Log Lighter

If your outdoor fireplace has the potential to use gas when starting a fire, you should look into a stainless steel log lighter. We recommend propane or natural gas for this as well.

Please be very careful when using a gas log lighter. Make sure to open the gas valve for only a short time before lighting the fire and then close the valve right away to avoid any hazards. Be sure to keep the valve secure in case of children as well!

Fireplace grates are important for the health of your fire, and a stainless steel fireplace grate is essential for your outdoor fireplace!

Stainless Steel Fireplace Grate

One way to reduce the mess made in your outdoor fireplace is to get a fireplace grate. The purpose of this grate is to keep your logs slightly off the ground. Doing so makes it much easier to clean up and removes the risk of your logs getting covered by ash, putting out the fire.

On top of all that, your fireplace will look so much better with one in it. The logs will be able to breathe well, creating an amazing fire for you and your family!

Stainless Steel/Contemporary Fireplace Tool Set

Having a stylish fireplace tool set is important, but so is durability! This one will last for years with your outdoor fireplace.

We even recommend using stainless steel for your tool set! A fireplace tool set is the most important outdoor fireplace accessory to own. Without a tool set, you wouldn't be able to use your fireplace at all! (At least, not safely) You're bound to have some tools of your own already. The real question is, do you have all the necessary tools already? Here's a list of what we believe to be the essential outdoor fireplace tools:

  • Stand
  • Poker
  • Shovel
  • Brush
  • Tongs

If you don't have all of these yet, you should look into getting them soon! Better yet, grab a full set in stainless steel so that they all match and look gorgeous standing nearby your fireplace!

Fireplace screens are important for keeping your outdoor living space safe; a stainless steel firescreen will do just that!

Outdoor Fireplace Screen

While outdoor fireplace doors are there to protect your fireplace from dust and other muck, an outdoor fireplace screen is useful when your ones is active. Putting up a protective screen between you and the fire is great for safety but still allows you the satisfaction of watching the fire.

Without a screen, you run the risk of embers flying out of the mouth of your fireplace, potentially lighting something on fire that isn't meant to be burning! (Such as yourself, for example) It is especially risky if you have young children around, whether they're yours or not.

Having an outdoor fireplace screen is a worthy safety investment. The designs out there these days allow you to further improve the aesthetic of your fireplace anyway, so why not, right?

This gorgeous stainless steel mantel shelf is designed to stand the test of time on your outdoor fireplace!

Brushed Stainless Steel Mantel Shelf

Last but not least, we suggest investing in a mantel shelf. Again, stainless steel is the way to go but you can use a different material if you feel that it suits the area better.

Having a mantel shelf gives you a space to place sentimental objects while also improving the overall look of your fireplace. A fireplace just feels more complete with a mantel shelf right above it. Imagine one above your fireplace right now and see if you can disagree with me!

There are still many more outdoor fireplace accessories to choose from, but we feel these are the most important ones. Take a look at the rest of our outdoor fireplace accessories and see if you feel like utilizing anything else!

What does your outdoor living space look like? We'd love to see! Show us on any of our social media outlets!

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Last updated on February 11th 2020.


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