Outdoor Fire Accessories

Accessorize your fire pit with our lava rock and fire glass. Protect it from the weather when it's not in use with a durable, vinyl fire pit cover, available in both round and square fits. Fire pit grates are a great option for keeping your wood off the damp ground and producing a hotter blaze because of the added air flow. For gas fire pits, we have fire pit log sets that provide a natural, realistic look in many different fresh cut or charred styles, from split bark, oak logs, driftwood, and wood chips. 



What type of features can I use fire glass in?

  • If your fire feature (fire pit, bowl, fireplace, urn, or table) is fueled by natural gas, you can use fire glass as a decorative embellishment. For propane features, only use 2 inches of fire glass at the top of your fire feature. Fire glass is not approved for wood burning elements.Fireplace Doors Online is adamant about this for the safety of our valued customers.