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Outdoor Electric Fireplaces

Adding a spark of heat to your outdoor space is what will really bring your picture together! If you're looking to gain a great heat output and go green the outdoor electric fireplace is the way to go!

Outdoor electric fireplaces are made to do the heating for you. There isn't any refilling or adjusting gas, it is purely electric. The electric outdoor fireplace is great for heat efficiency. As the heat is all controlled by electricity, you set the temperature and boom you have heat! 

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint? Outdoor electric fireplaces do not emit any toxins into the air! They are perfect for helping keep the air clean as they just use the electric to heat them up. The outdoor electric fireplaces are heated strictly by electric and do not require a heat source like wood or gas. 

Electric fireplaces are also great if you are looking for a low maintenance fireplace. Because there isn't an intake, there is not an exhaust. There is also no burning of wood or fuel making there no clean up after use! To keep your electric fireplace in good shape, it's always great to make sure the fireplace is clean by thoroughly cleaning the fireplace annually.

Not only does an electric fireplace give all these great benefits but they are also stylish! You can choose your style and customizations to match your decor easily! Outdoor electric fireplaces are a wonder and dream come true for your outdoor space!


Can electric fireplaces be used outdoors?

  • You can totally have an electric fireplace outdoors! You want to make sure that you are getting an electric fireplace made for the outdoors as they can withstand the elements.

Are electric fireplaces expensive?

  • This varies on many different components. Like the average usage of the fireplace and your electric company. We cannot verify that this option is cheapest for you. We suggest to do your research on what would be the most money efficient fireplace for your outdoor space.

Do the electric fireplaces really heat?

  • The electric outdoor fireplace will have a heat output. Keep in mind where you place your fireplace does affect the heat. We suggest to place your fireplace facing away from the wind to create the maximum heat output.