Octavian Pre-Cast Stone Fireplace Mantel

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Octavian Pre-Cast Stone Fireplace Mantel

*Not recommended for vent free fireplaces.


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Your home is grand; your fireplace should be too! This pre-cast stone fireplace mantel has a stately look and will add the perfect touch to any Colonial style fireplace décor or more traditional home theme. It has all the beauty of Roman columns but without the bulky weight. Because it’s made from cast stone, you get the look without heavy weight or huge cost! And, it comes primed for painting so you can make sure it matches your home perfectly. With this set you can transform your fireplace from plain and forgettable to something that’ll make a real statement in your home!

Though this is cast stone rather than other materials such as granite or marble, you’ll still need help. Having a friend or handyman around to help move and place large, awkward pieces will make installing your mantel much easier. Our stone mantels come unassembled, making it easier for them to be shipped out and for you to place in your home. It’ll take a few hours to get your new pre-cast stone mantel installed and then a few weeks for it to dry. After that, it’s ready to be painted! And, you can do anything—we’ve seen some amazing faux finishes and we’re excited to see yours!

Our customers are our priority, so your satisfaction is guaranteed! Other places care more about profit and charge for shipping, don’t have good customer service, and either import their products from overseas or make them out of sub-quality materials. With us, we offer free shipping, customer service agents trained in fireplace and from our community, and our products are American made! We make this mantel right here in Pennsylvania. You’re getting a top quality product with stellar customer service and free shipping! What’s not to love about us?

Features And Benefits
  • Cast stone mantels save you money over having a mantel hand carved from granite or marble.
  • Because we use lightweight gypsum and fiberglass reinforced concrete in our pouring methods, our mantels are lighter than regular concrete, granite, or marble.
  • Cast stone mantels come unassembled and primed for painting - allowing you to customize your mantel to fit the decor of your home perfectly!
  • Mantel comes with the hearth (the bottom slab in front of the fireplace), so matching the hearth to your mantel becomes easy!
**Please note** Your fireplace mantel will come with ONLY the fireplace mantel and hearth piece. Fireplaces and fireplace doors do not come with it.
Installation: B for Bring a friend to help out!

Cast stone fireplace mantels are really great for their sturdiness and their crisp, clean edges they get from the pouring. A big reason our customers like them so much is because they can paint them, do faux finishes - we've seen it all. We will admit, though, these things can be heavy and it is definitely a two person job to install it. No matter how strong you are, the pieces can be a bit awkward to hold and slide in place at the perfect spot - so two sets of eyes and hands really helps. This is a project that will take you a few hours to install, and a few weeks for it to dry and be ready to paint.

See tools needed, installation instructions, and even an installation video here!
What Are The Clearance Requirements For A Mantel Or Mantel Shelf?
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Please allow 4 weeks for shipping unless otherwise specified.

Manufacturer's Warranty: The product is warranted for one year against defects in workmanship and material. The warranty does not cover transit or installation damages. This item is custom made to order and cannot be returned.

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