Not Eligible for Returns Information

Not Eligible for Return Product

 NOTE ON CUSTOM PRODUCTS -- PLEASE READ: Some Products are custom made at the time of order with the specifications that you (the Customer) give us. We the Company will always work with you to make sure that you are getting the correctly sized items for the product before you order. We will send you a confirmation that you will have to look over and double-check. You have 24 hours to make changes or inform us about any discrepancies on your order. After the 24 hours, the build process starts and changes cannot be made or un-done. While we will make every effort to fix or replace a Product that has been made to the wrong specifications on our end, we cannot take returns on Products that meet the specifications that were given to us upon ordering.

All custom Products or custom order sales are final. You MUST use the forms and follow the guidelines laid out and found on the Company Website.

Last updated on November 22nd 2019.