Normandy Fireplace Door

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Custom Made 
Normandy Fireplace Door in Textured Black with Cabinet Twin Doors



The Normandy fireplace doors can only be installed on a masonry fireplace.

This allows us to evaluate fireplace hearth position.
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This affordable fireplace door is the perfect addition to any home! Thanks to the simple frame, the Normandy Fireplace Door can be made to fit into any fireplace decor easily, and the aluminum enclosure is sturdy enough to last a long time on your masonry fireplace! Plus, the customizations available will make it so that you can really make it your own! Several door types, fits and glass tints are available so that you can make a variety of combinations with this glass fireplace door. You can also choose from numerous finish options and with this fireplace door, fireplace mesh comes included! You can opt out, but we recommend taking advantage of the free fireplace mesh with this door so that your family will be safe from errant sparks and embers.

Do not install these fireplace glass doors on any factory-built firebox, prefabs or any fireplace with ventless gas logs! These are code violations and can cause fires. Free shipping! Proudly made in the USA!

Do you know what fireplace you have? Make sure before you place your order! Please follow this link to our learning center that will guide you in finding the correct fireplace door for your fireplace.

Fireplace Type: Masonry
Door Fit: Overlap | Inside
Door Type: Cabinet Doors | Trackless Bi-Fold Doors
Material: 2" Wide x 1/8" Deep Aluminum
Overlap: 1-1/2" sides & 3/4" top
Finish Colors: Grey Iron | Chestnut | Black | Pewter | Old Iron
Glass: 1/4" Tempered Glass
Glass Tint: Grey | Clear | Bronze
Ceramic Glass: NA
Mesh Screens: No Mesh | Cabinet Mesh Door | Hanging Mesh Curtain
Damper: None
Airtight Option: NA
Hardware: Stainless
Handle: Normandy
Mounting: Hearth Level with the Firebox | Hearth Above the Firebox | Hearth Below the Firebox | No Hearth - Includes Mounting Hardware and Insulation
Additional: Optional Door Decorative Designs

Please allow 4 weeks for shipping unless otherwise specified.

Manufacturer's Warranty:

Thermo-Rite warrants all new enclosures to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 5 years from the ultimate sale or installation if performed by the dealer.
Thermo-Rite warrants tempered glass for a lifetime to the original owner. Commercial applications and CV1 glass wider than 13" are excluded

The warranty is void if damage is due to improper installation or improper operation.

This web site made it so easy to get the right door for our fireplace at the right price. Great Value! Great Look! I would recommend this door to my friends.
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can the doors be closed while burning wood in a wood burning fireplace with a normandy fireplace door

Asked by donald wilson | 01-17-2017, 09:18 PM | 1 answer(s)
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