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Display Your Artistic Side With Wall Niches

Feeling cluttered?  Well, the most obvious solution to that is to create more storage wherever possible. Yet adding bulky large cabinets or mounting shelves can still take up valuable room to your space. An easy stylish way to add that extra space is with wall niches!

Today’s well-known and acclaimed designers say that adding a wall niche is a smart storage solution. The addition of a wall niche is simple and can really bring out your design to any room.

What are wall niches?

A wall niche is a decorative box sheltered and nested inside a wall of your space. It is a fun addition to any room as you can customize and color this item. This type of wall storage is versatile, with spaces that can be placed almost anywhere. Also, niches offer an innovative way to insert extra storage out of a plain and blank wall. They don’t extend past the surface of your wall. 

Top Places on which you can put Decorative Wall Niches

  • The living room or family room. Place your favorite figurine or a medium-sized plant with a cool vase or pot within the niche and create a small piece of artwork within your space.
  • The entryway area. This can be a storage area for the things you needed before leaving the house like key hooks, etc. Aside from keeping your belongings in proper order, a niche within your entryway wall can add a stylish touch to it. 
  • The bathroom or comfort room. It can provide easy access to your necessities like shampoos, scrubs, or towels.   

Building Your Own Wall Niche At Home – Fireplace Doors Online

Some things never go out of style, like wall niches that were first seen in the Roman Empire almost 2,000 years ago. Instead of plaster, our niches are made of urethane. Use them to display flower vases, sculptures, or clocks. They are built into the wall and they keep the items from cluttering on other surfaces, freeing up space.




Can I do my own design of the wall niche?

Of course, you can! One good thing about having wall niches at home is the chance to customize it beforehand. Depending on your aesthetic likings, a wall niche can be installed on your wall based on your imagination and creativity. But there are already ready-to-go designs available online that you can check as well!