Mortar Frames

If you are considering the construction of a new home complete with a masonry fireplace, then you've come to the right section! We highly suggest mortar frames for fireplace doors to make installation a breeze!

In addition to offering a structure for you to build your brick fireplace around, these steel outlines for masonry fireplaces make installing your glass doors much easier. Your mason or contractor will appreciate how easy it is to build a symmetrical opening around this framework, making for a simple attachment of your fireplace doors. We offer different shapes and sizes (including customizable options) to that you can select the perfect steel door frame for your rectangular or arched masonry opening.

Correct placement of your mortar frame is extremely important, which is why we strongly recommend having a mason or experienced contractor handle this task. They can ensure that the frame is installed properly so that your glass fireplace doors fit perfectly.


What is a mortar frame? Do I need one to install a fireplace door?

  • A mortar frame is used in newly built homes that include a masonry fireplace. The average mortar frame is usually 3/16 inches thick and approximately 4 1/2 inches wide. It has a double lip (one at the front of the frame and one at the back) which allows for easy installation of your fireplace glass doors. These masonry fireplace mortar frames are constructed from heavy-duty steel and designed for use with Custom Metal Company fireplace glass doors.
  • While many contractors resort to different methods of stabilizing the opening of the firebox during construction of a masonry fireplace, mortar frame provide the exact dimensions needed for the opening and allow your mason to construct a perfectly symmetrical arched or rectangular opening. Once your glass fireplace doors are ready to be installed, your simply insert the enclosure into the lip of the frame for a snug fit. Fireplace Doors Online highly recommends obtaining this mortar frame prior to the establishment of your masonry fireplace to make the design and construction process go a lot smoother.