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Modern Ceiling Medallions – The Best Spaces to Install One 

It is sad to know that ceilings are somehow ignored when it comes to garnishing even in today's modern times. Most people do not realize the value of ceiling area. It helps create a warm and friendly environment. A large and unused space like a ceiling must not remain dull. Besides, there are many ways to add aesthetic details to ceiling medallions. These will make your lovely ceilings come alive with style. Gladly, we know exactly the solution to your concern. We are now introducing ceiling medallions by Fireplace Doors Online. 

Ceiling medallions will always be a timeless piece that you can partner with other kinds of décor. You’ll find a handful of decorative options in ceiling medallions. The only catch for you is the selection process. Guarantee that it will be a little challenging to decide. It is possible since all offered designs are genuinely great. It doesn't matter whether your choice is simple or grand. The addition of a ceiling medallion can fit perfectly with your visualization.

Furthermore, these small or large modern ceiling medallions have their modern guise. They are more fashionable for your interior. Also, they are super easy to install and fun to customize. Trust us! Discover the difference that ceiling medallions can make. You will be amazed at how your upper walls will never be boring again. It is the worthy upgrade that you have been waiting for! 

The Best Areas at Home to Install Modern Ceiling Medallions 

Homes with an interior style like Mid-century modern are the perfect style-choice to install a modern ceiling medallion. Installing these will highlight the features of your home.  A mixture of aura of classiness and chicness can fill your place. Now, we came up with a list of the best areas at home on which you can install a modern medallion: 

-     Living Room 

Of course, this part of the house is a nice spot to mount a ceiling accent like a ceiling medallion. It can give off a cozy and artsy touch once you mount a ceiling medallion to and top it with a nice ceiling light. 

Recommended Design: Classic White Ceiling Medallion. White is a clean color that can be styled in various ways. Choosing this type of medallion design can add to the depth and vibe of your living space. 

-     Dining Room 

Having a peaceful dinner or lunch with your family and loved ones are wonderful. In addition, if they were conducted on a decorative space, right? Installing a large ceiling medallion is definitely a stunner element. It is because the dining areas are usually spacious and bright. Thus, it can create balance to both the upper and lower interior of the room. 

Recommended Design: Any Style of Modern Ceiling Medallion. 

Your Modern Ceiling Medallion Provider – Fireplace Doors Online 

Ceiling medallions refer to decorative house elements. These are designed to highlight the center of your ceiling. It is installed in places where decorative crown molding is also present. 

So, want to have a ceiling medallion at your home today? Transform your ceiling with decorative accents from Fireplace Doors Online. Contact us at 888-986-1535, and let’s have a chat. We are happy to be at your service.



Is it worthy installing a ceiling medallion to a modern-styled home? 

  • Honestly, ceiling medallions work best with vintage and classic style houses. However, the good thing about these pieces is they are offered with modern designs and styles today. So, yes – even in a modern-styled home, ceiling medallions can still give your space a total upgrade.