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Mistakes You Need To Avoid When Installing A Fireplace

Installing a fireplace is always worth the time and effort. It may be a challenging task, but having hat rustic, cozy image of flickering flames combined with a natural source of heat, makes it a rewarding endeavor. 


It will be beneficial on your part though if you take on this task with an awareness of what may go wrong. With that in mind, here are five of the biggest mistakes you need to avoid when installing your fireplace.

Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Installing a Fireplace

1. Sizing Mistakes

This may be the easiest mistake to avoid, but it still catches homeowners out. Before installing your fireplace, you have to be 100% certain that you've chosen the perfect unit suitable for the space in your home. Too small means you have to build around it, while too large means you have to go through the trouble of returning your unit, which is your only available option. Keep in mind that you need to seal both wooden and gas fuel fires properly and connect it in your home to work safely.

2. Not Knowing Your Fireplace

Whether you're revamping an old fireplace or this is your first to light it in your home, it is vital to know your fireplace from its flue down to your chimney. Build a fire too far forward in your fireplace or get the wrong proportions will cause a major smokiness since it will not blow up your chimney.

Remember that not all fireplaces will be fitted central to the chimney breast as well. Doing some checks will be worth it, even those common ones like confirming that your home has the exhaust capacity for a fire and that your fireplace will not simply end up as an idle decorative installation.

3. Gaps Around The Opening Of Your Fireplace

One of the most popular choices among homeowners is glass fireplace doors. They can provide you with a mesmerizing view of the action within. They are also notable for their charm and elegance. However, it does require a lot more effort compared to open fire, and both are prone to its own set of installation mishaps.

One common mistake is when the hearth does not extend right up to the fireplace opening, which can leave a gap between them. This can lead to smoke damage, and worst become a fire hazard. Usually, an expert can preemptively spot this, otherwise, you may have to use a mortar or order a steel angle specially sized to it.

4. Not Having Your Gas Fire Insert Installed By A Professional

While anyone with DIY abilities can confidently set up an electric fireplace or wood stove, you'll need the help of a fireplace expert if you want your home to have good access to natural gas. 

A gas line must be installed to your fireplace in a particular two-tube set-up for your fireplace to work properly. The installation process will require the disconnection and reconnection of your gas line, which can be very dangerous if not done properly and safely. To ensure these types of fireplaces work properly and to avoid any unnecessary injuries on your part, always call a professional to the job for you.

5. Lacking A Proper Air Source

If you're not snoozing in school, you are well aware of the combustion triangle linking the three elements required to create a roaring flame. Air is needed in this particular triangle to stop carbon monoxide and smoke accumulation, which if unchecked, can spell disaster. 

That's why it is crucial for you to have a permanent and proper air intake installed with your unit. And we're not talking about a small window that can close itself either. What you need is something that can offset your chimney properly and ensure your fire gets the combustion air source it needs.


Last updated on October 2nd 2019.


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