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Masonry Mesh Doors

Fireplace doors with glass aren't the only 'line of defense' you have when it comes to keeping your family safe from sparks and embers! Our masonry fireplace screen doors are a great way to enjoy the warmth and beauty of a fire while at the same time maintaining a safe environment in your home. Our gorgeous collection of mesh fireplace doors boast hand-forged designs, large viewing areas, and of plenty of styles and colors for you to choose from. Upgrade the look and safety level of your fireplace!


Can I take the screen out of my fireplace?

You can take the screen out, however, Fireplace Doors Online does not recommend altering your fireplace or fireplace door for safety reasons. The mesh curtain or mesh door is there to help protect you from sparks.

How are mesh doors different from mesh curtains?

  • Mesh curtains hang loosely from a rod along the top of the fireplace opening. While they will block sparks and embers, they can't stop rolling logs.
  • Mesh doors are very much like a screen door for your fireplace, using mesh instead of glass to allow for air circulation while the sturdy door frames are more likely to keep in any firewood that may roll off the grate in a wood burning fireplace.



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Fireplace Door Helpful Hints

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